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1/11/2023 c11 Guest
12/21/2022 c7 Alex Nymph
By subjects, do you mean majors?

Most full time college students take 4-5 classes a semester for 12-15 credits to graduate in 8 semesters with 120 credits. Some universities have 9 credits be full time, but it’s all still towards one major.
10/20/2021 c40 Guest
I loved this so much. This is the second time I’m rereading it, and it’s the same rollercoaster as last time. One of the best college docs out there, hands down.
4/7/2021 c35 4auroraborealis91
I hope Jason is ok!
4/7/2021 c34 auroraborealis91
Wait, isn’t Jason going to die because he touched the thing?
4/7/2021 c32 auroraborealis91
Thank freaking God! Ahh! This chapter gives me peace.
4/7/2021 c31 auroraborealis91
What the hell? Can we go back to how it was in chapter one?!
4/7/2021 c30 auroraborealis91
I really hope that Reyna comes back!
4/7/2021 c17 auroraborealis91
Thank you for this great chapter! I needed Michael and Reyna to officially break up and I’m so excited for the Jason/Reyna!
2/1/2021 c3 Guest
yesss I love Annabeth and Reyna friendship
11/5/2020 c2 Guest
this is pretty good so far!
11/5/2020 c1 Guest
Uh- Jason died.
8/29/2020 c41 trinap
I absolutely loved this! I love the friendships between Jeyna and Percabeth! Please write more
8/10/2020 c21 Guest
So is this before it’s called Christmas? Like is that the sequel?
8/10/2020 c16 Guest
Jeyna is nice, Michael is a bit annoying though, other than that, great storyline!
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