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for It's Called College

8/10/2020 c9 Guest
If you Google revenge you get a movie called revenge that has 93% likes!
8/10/2020 c8 Guest
Jasabeth bromance! I love jasabeth friendship!
7/29/2020 c1 odysseussgrant
Ok I hate Jiper but how is movie to the Bay Area too much for Piper she's from fucking Malibu that's only like two hours away from San Fran?
7/24/2020 c22 Guest
Gossip Girl vibes in this Chapter ;)
6/2/2020 c19 Sean
No! Please don’t do this!
5/25/2020 c1 Guywhonitpicks
Why are Percy and Annabeth going to college when they're 17 they missed two school years. Jason is only 16. How come he is going to college at the same time?
5/15/2020 c1 4Bebewolf
OMG this is just the first chapter and I already love it! I hope you write more Jeyna fics
3/14/2020 c5 Percy fan
At the of 0-0-0-0-0 3 or 0-0-0-0-0 2. You and a ;.
2/4/2020 c30 1Mouthy Piranha Plant
Ive been American all my life and I did not see any “british slang”. all the slang seems like it could pass for us of British slang. Thats my oppinion on that “british slang” review!
2/3/2020 c5 Mouthy Piranha Plant
Love this story so far. It is a perfect sequel to heroes of Olympus so far!
9/23/2019 c14 zhyon
I never thought I would hear Percy or Annabeth say fancy I always thought a lot of people who say that are English.
5/5/2019 c37 SammySunchid
Awesome plot. Takes me weeks to come up with a single decent plot. RESPECT!
5/5/2019 c25 SammySunchild
You should really consider becoming a writer
5/4/2019 c12 SammySunchild
AWESOME! One of the best fanfics I've ever read
3/13/2019 c4 Guest
Why were they doing the... Thing... In the shower?
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