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3/29/2016 c40 ngsie
You doing the one-shot series after this right?
3/28/2016 c39 europeowl1209
I forgot to say, I listened to half of your songs, and I have to admit that Hunger was a great pick. And for the description, I didn't have to close my eyes to imagine the setting.
I'm literally dying to read the next chapter.
3/27/2016 c39 europeowl1209
Reading this just made my day.
I haven't realized how relieved I actually am there's not much more drama. Strange, I enjoy abrupt scandals. Oh, well.

Keep writing!
3/24/2016 c39 1Asteria daughter of Koios
This is great start for my morning, till I remembered that there is one last chapter...
3/24/2016 c38 europeowl1209
Hi there again.
Again, sorry for the late review (my friends say I do this too much and I agree; but if you haven't noticed yet, I'm a complete weirdo)
I'm sort of relieved that everything is back to normal and everything, you brought that down with layers and twists. Love it.

Just a note, if you haven't realized, there is a part where you say that CAMILLE is marching towards the fire instead of IVY/VIVIAN.

Keep writing!
3/20/2016 c38 AzureMoonlight
(Sorry, too lazy to log on)

Awesome story, awesome as ever. Your writing skill clearly increased a lot over the course of this storey, and I love it. It's really deep and dramatic, with a bit of you mixed it. Great job.

Maybe another cafe scene?
3/18/2016 c38 Bezai
When Ivy threw the rabbit foot in the fire, you typed Camille instead of the name Ivy.
3/17/2016 c1 Guest
I'm not sure what to say. This is a great story. I love Jeyna and Percabeth. Anyway, I saw on Google there's another site called talkfictions with all your stories updated almost the same time
3/17/2016 c37 europeowl1209
Hi. Sorry for the late review but I've been dealing with a lot of drama myself lately. Anyway.
I really like your code thing, simple yet clever. Funny, me and my friends also use it nowadays, with the armies here and there. Its also one of the reasons I'm late.
I'm starting to wonder if Michael gets seriously jealous of Jason, that would be fun (in my opinion) but you decide. Plus if Reyna is started to be seen as a prize... I know she wouldn't stand it: more fun.
Anyway, good luck with school and keep writing!
3/13/2016 c37 Sprododogflob123
Dude this is one of the best chapters yet
In the graveyard make Jason trip over and knock out ivy who is hiding be hind a tree it would be so funny
3/11/2016 c36 Sprogodogflob123
I think the best scene was the one were annabeth is in Percy's old room and remembers the rin
3/10/2016 c36 NicoPriceofDank
If you couldn't guess I'm the one who post all the Nico stuff and I was wondering in New York Nico is with will and is doing my most favorite ship Solangelo. If you can in your one hits add a Solangelo or Solangelo child one shot please. Love the series also is the next chapter the last? #Solangelo #TeamNico
3/10/2016 c36 Europeowl1209
Hi there again
Thanks for replying on the comments. I actually wasn't expecting that but thanks anyway.
About what my favourite scenes were, I really liked the drama. Like Percy getting lost and everyone worried and Michael being a jerk. And the awkward Percabeth relationship. It holds me in suspence. And kills me in anxiety. So I like it that way. And so far, I like where this is going. LOVE actually. But just saying, I would add more cliffhangers to make this more appealing, you know? But that's just me. Those are my opinions. Love the action, keep it up. And your schoolwork.
Wow i've never written a review this long. Good luck!
3/9/2016 c36 Sprogodogflob123
Wow is Jason gonna die or something
maybe he should try to apologise and knock Jim out by tripping
3/9/2016 c36 8Wrath of Nyx
My favourite scene was probably either the final part of the first year where Reyna's super badass, or the whole wedding dilemma. My favourite dialogue was no doubt the "My best friend just fell into Tartarus! I need to relax" part in the first year.
This chapter was amazing, just like all the others. I can't wait to see how Reyna get's out of her latest fix. Expecting unfathomable badassness in the form of a kickass daughter of Bellona.
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