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2m c25 alphabacon34
What an amazing story. I know it's not what's going to happen but I want Penny to come back to life so bad. Her character got snuffed out in the OG RWBY too quick before we ever got a chance to really know her and now in your story too. Not being critical, just sad a character never really got to shine. Great story none the less.
9/18 c26 NoobNub
What you've written so far has been amazing, really hope this masterpiece is completed!
9/13 c26 loliver9920
I’ve been reading this fanfic since I was still in high school and so far it hasn’t let me down once… it’s truly a masterpiece keep up the good work
9/11 c26 Guest
Great chapter!
9/8 c26 MountainBookSage25

Didn't see this update before in my email so only had time now

At least this is back, compared to the one year absence

Hope we get a chapter soon though
9/5 c26 Guest
Please don’t leave this story, is one of the best in here.
8/31 c26 Sekryuushintei
hey author is this fic already dead? pls no i like this fic so much
8/10 c22 1yeaaaahhhh I read
hahaha it was referenced it is indeed a dirty and lewd crime. handholding.
8/10 c20 yeaaaahhhh I read
aha handholding how lewd.
8/5 c23 0 Realities
Will Jaune x Pyrrha be a pairing in this fanfic? Or are you on the fence on if you should or shouldn't. I'm just wondering and wouldn't mind no matter the direction it goes in but still, love this fanfic and take care!
8/4 c26 NuclearLep
I wonder what Jaune seems ozpins aura as? What does a multi-consciousness being of reincarnations aura look like?
8/2 c1 AssassinBlaze
knightshade should definitely be the ship for this fic. arkos is good and well developed but knightshade is just a more fleshed out one with all the similarities and emotional baggage blake and jaune have.
7/31 c26 Guest
Is there going to be a sequel? Please? Pretty Please?
7/31 c26 Guest
I don’t normally go out of my way to flame a story, especially without adding legitimate tips on how to improve it, but this is garbage. Straight, worthless garbage. We would have all been served better if you had stopped the story after Chapter 5 rather than write rape porn. If this is what you want to produce as a writer (which also says a lot about you as a person), you might as well quit writing Silver. You have turned multiple people off of all of your writing to indulge in something as blatantly disgusting as this. I have reported this story as a violation of this sites rules, and I encourage other readers to do the same.
7/28 c26 MahesvaraST
Just waiting for the next chapter
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