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for Consequences of Meddling With TIme

12/10/2022 c32 WiseFly
i thought pierre was sev.. untill mini DE's... well done
10/22/2022 c60 Beyondtheforest
Excellent Story

I especially like the note Severus left in his desk.

Well Done
9/10/2021 c60 jankatkaromka
Oh, my God.
It such a wonderful story.
It is so logical in the meaning of a relationship between Hermione and Severus.
It is so well written.
Thank you for your work
It's been wonderful
8/31/2021 c33 jankatkaromka
There's no such thing as Vozgian republic in Russia
4/17/2021 c60 nunes
Um capítulo adorável como de costume. Manter em segurança.
9/16/2020 c1 3Meowser Clancy
I read this on Granger Enchanted back in the day (god I miss that website) but it was before you finished it. I just rediscovered it and I just wanted to let you know how excited I am to reread.
7/2/2020 c60 EmilyWoods
Just re-read the story and just reaffirmed that this is one of the best fanfictions ever written.
7/1/2020 c48 EmilyWoods
When I read scenes like this I am not sure why she is friends with Harry. I think he is not the best type of friend.
4/28/2020 c60 Hotmamantx
Omg this was wonderful!
2/29/2020 c1 appalove
A fantastic start! I'm excited to read more. This, to me, is a realistic scenario. The third book was my favorite because it was, in my opinion, the most tightly written and emotionally impactful on first read. HOWEVER, the problem with so many fantasy worlds, Harry Potter's included, is what I'd call magical overreach. The writer puts in something that goes beyond the barriers of what they themselves are willing to justify within the rules of their created magical world. JK Rowling was pretty terrible about this with the time travel thing, and this came back tenfold in "Cursed Child " I think it's fine to have something like time travel IF you're going to explain the rules around it and the cautions against meddling - otherwise, why didn't Dumbledore just go back and Avada Voldemort when he was on the toilet? (Lol, Austin Powers ref.) All this is to say - this is why I already love this fic! You're presenting a very real possibility that could have resulted from the careless time travel depictions in HP, and I'm very interested to see where it goes.
11/20/2019 c60 Lady Sundowne
I really loved this story. Congrats and we'll done!
11/13/2019 c1 11Dearlady2002
Can't wait to read the rest again!
5/17/2019 c60 32Pharies
Oh this was so good. I loved reading the chapters when she went back in time, but the build up to their relationship was even more wonderful. The epilogue, so to speak, was a good wrap up. Left just enough things in question without leaving wanting too much more.

10/7/2018 c60 staypee
i loved this so much! this has become one of my fave fics! thank you for sharing with us! your an amazing writer <3
9/27/2018 c1 19alreynolds13
This is off to a marvelous start! At first I was wondering why this fic doesn't have way more reviews, but then I realized that it doesn't have any character tags (I only found it mysef through a recommendation on tumblr). I'm not sure if you still are active on here, but I bet if you could edit the settings on the fic so as to add Hermione and Snape as characters (you can also make them a pairing for filter purposes now too), then this story would pop up when people look for Snape and/or Hermione fics, and I bet you'd get a lot more recognition. Just a bit of hopefully helpful advice, because one chapter in and I already can tell that your writing deserves to be seen by as many people as possible :)
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