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9h c30 1buterflypuss
good chap
2/1 c30 Jose19
I am confused on this chapter if Sidious is dead the war automatically ends.

Sidious is the puppeteer of the Clone Wars everybody was dancing on his strings.

He had such control of it that he made sure there was a ton of destruction and casualties that were blamed on the Jedi.

Tyrannus as you call him can’t fill his shoes Palpatine was probably the greatest Sith Lord of all.
1/31 c10 jmtxam
It's a nice fanfic and it had so much potential but it annoys me about the plot convenience of Sidious always having some spy or listening device hearing just the right information even if due to ranmas "chaotic" nature he can't predict when important pieces of intel will be said. There's also the part that ranma hasn't really tried to learn any force or "chi" techniques, that's completely out of character. I get that he's afraid of connecting to the unifying force, but he tried a few time and then gave up due to fear, no true martial artist would ever give up so easily especially when he had access to a holocron from someone that specialized in energy techniques and he spent all his time with it discussing philosophy that he had already discussed several times before with several jedi...
1/31 c30 101VFSNAKE
Awesome! Schemes, plots, and plans begin anew. The Sith will not go quietly.
1/31 c30 Speed Reader
Excellent chapter as always. The Confederacy not dissolving with Sideous' death was well-scripted, as was the fallout in the Republic.
1/31 c30 Blaze1992
That is one of the funniest apologies I've ever read about.
1/31 c30 Mugen-Muse
Yeah, Thrawn would probably enjoy reading that book. Though he'd either need to know the language or have a translated copy that someone might attempt to use as a way of cracking Jedi "encryption" when they use the language. I wonder if the Jedi will ever try to create entirely new languages that they can use to better encrypt communications. On the bright side, Ranma wasn't accidentally splashed in the middle of all that controlled chaos. Some might be used to seeing the change and how the Force reacts, but everyone else?
1/31 c30 marlastiano
thanks :)
1/31 c30 19storyreader21
Nice chapter. And mentioning trying something new in a fun way? Why do I have the sudden image of Shaak somehow using either Ki or the Force to get female ranma pregnant? Looking forward to the next chapter.
1/31 c30 Dasgun
1/31 c30 4Monster King
Great update love the whole ranma x shaak ti thing please continue
1/2 c27 kajoshin
Loving the story, but why did you start calling Ranma's padawan Scout? There's no explanation or referenced reason. And it happens inconsistently, like you can't make up your mind about it. The other thing is about The Third Path. I was rereading it and noticed that at some point you referenced the villain Shocker having electric powers of some type. This is not true. Shocker is called such because the gauntlets he wears create massive sonic shockwaves. The suit he wears is designed to protect him from the backlash of them with all of the padding on it. Love both stories otherwise and I hope you keep on doing what you do best
12/23/2022 c29 10deathstalker982
so, I've just finally took the plunge and re-read the entirety of this story as I haven't read since the discovery of Zenoma Sekot, and wow, lots of things have happened. The thing that made me comment however is the thought I had about two things, first, I see the next big antagonist is going to be the Mother, second, when Ranma encounters the Daughter(as I'm certain he will), will he follow through with his threat of what he'd do to the light side of the force if he met a true embodiment of it after all the times it's messed with him?
12/14/2022 c29 WearyCurmudgeon
Know that this is almost done, but stumbled across a sect that Ranma would probably find interesting.

Look into the Matukai.

Maybe an open ending with him, Shaak-Ti and "padawans" going looking for them once the war is over?
12/1/2022 c29 Thunder Dragon
I have to resend my review as parts of it where cut.

This is some awesome action and Ranma has proven himself an agent of benevolent chaos. And him and Shaak Ti's relationship is pretty heartwarming. You are really digging into the whole Star Wars Expanded Universe cast and settings. I love it.

Moving on to the actual review. Soon the Sith will fall and a new dawn will come.

Now seeing as you are such a good writer what are your thoughts on one day doing a Metroid and Ranma 1/2 crossover with Ranma entering the Metroid universe and hooking up with Samus Aran?
That would be cool.

Ranma would need a power boost against some of the monsters from Metroid so why not make him a merger of a Tekkaman and the martial artist he is? Just a thought. And maybe he is also further enhanced by genetic engineering and the tech in the Metroid Universe?

If you need some ideas for his power ups take a look at Hatchling Quest. It is a Play-by-Post Game created by Immortal's Blade for Sufficient Velocity. Beginning in September 2015, the story has been on hiatus since 2017.

Here is a summery of it. A young hatchling leaves her nest, and on her way to her destination she finds a dastardly plot: Space Pirates have rigged an abandoned space station to fall on a planet in Another Dimension. She succeeds in saving the planet but finds herself trapped there with no way home. The world is primitive by her standards, but has many individuals with unnatural well as Chozo statues. Can Samus Aran handle Earth-Bet? Can Earth-Bet handle her? And what is the sinister plot that weaves it's way through both universes?

It is also a Metroid and Worm crossover.

See the medical enhancements that the heroes get from Samus's healing pod. Also for Ranma's new power ups, take a look at Tekkadread Remastered. Here is the summary. Tekkadread Remastered.

Ranma falls in a Jusenkyo Spring containing a Tekkapod that transforms him into Tekkaman Slade centuries later. He soon comes across the Nirvana, getting involved with the Vandread story, dealing with not just the gender friction, but with an enemy that threatens all of humanity. TEKSETTER! Remastered collection of Hung Nguyen's Tekkadread 1st & 2nd Stages with new updates!
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