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for A Horse For the Force

1/4 c26 2RyMalice
Love the story, but you really need a new beta. There are so many issues that pop up randomly through the story, spelling errors, grammatical errors, wrong words being used, wrong names, and continuity issues as well. For example, the Nova Guard leader Yorick, first he was a commander, then a marshal, then a General. And when you had Fay leave Jabiim, you said her ship had been destroyed, yet when she met with Thrawn, she was back in her original ship instead of the ship she had left on.

Like I said, I love this story, but the many errors make it really hard to read at times as I have to figure out from the context of what you wrote what misplaced or random word should actually be. Though I laughed when you wrote Benjamin instead of Bail when you were talking about the attack on the senators a few chapters ago.
1/3 c11 gdkime
God having flashbacks to that horrible Internet is for porn song
1/2 c9 gdkime
3 ft for the staff portion of a pike is rather short
1/1 c8 gdkime
every time palpatine goes into an internal monologue about his plans and what he thinks of everyone I just get this almost uncontrollable urge to punch him in the throat
12/31/2021 c7 gdkime
and suddenly I want someone to make a story about the "ranma experiment". not an actual crossover just about this.
12/28/2021 c1 gdkime
and now I want to see ranma and mandalorian armor or just adopted by the mandalorians
12/22/2021 c26 8Digitize27
Well, now Ranma just has to go to Mortis and meet the Daughter. That spanking's been long promised...
12/22/2021 c24 Digitize27
Huh I hope we find out what happened to Vos when then the veil was torn, as the only undercover Dark-side user in close proximity to a master at the time.
12/19/2021 c26 Batcard
Finally has an apprentice. Let this be updates again soon!
12/6/2021 c21 M1stymix
you could've added to ranma's talk to the padawans about having the future surpass the old generation something like yaddle trusting the new generation on building on what the past has done
12/6/2021 c3 1Beowulf-BX
Wow Piell is a real ass. Was he like this in cannon?
11/8/2021 c2 victor janus
Yeah it's not easy arguing for the Jedi way. It goes completely against most forms of morality. It's important to remember at times like those that the Jedi are pretty much traditional Buddhists who are having the typical problems Buddhism has when it's members care about what happens in the world when Buddhism is about trying to achieve spiritual detachment from the world. To make a case for the Jedi way you need to be able to make a case that the world can not be saved for suffering and violence is intrinsic to it's nature and can not be changed. It can only have the suffering of the living be mitigated. Eventually all shall become enlightened/a force ghost and become one with everything/the force for death is not to be feared but embraced as the end of suffering, but until then it is the duty the monks to teach the ways of peaceful contemplation and oppose those who would perpetuate and prolong the cycle of violence and suffering.

As for Palpatine being at his most dangerous I'm reminded of a quote from Darth Tenebrous.
"We Sith are an unseen opposition. A phantom menace. Where the Sith once wore armor, we now wear cloaks. But the Force works through us all the more powerfully in our invisibility."
10/9/2021 c5 20thepkrmgc
So I would say that anakin after episode 3 (or 4 even moreso, funny how killing younglings is often treated as worse than blowing up a planet) is irredeemable, but as of this point in the timeline he's not that man yet: though I agree that seeing his fall is always interesting
10/5/2021 c6 5exillion
So... I think you have no respect for women in these fandoms. You basically twist them through torture orther mind altering affets in order to make a harem.

I love harem. But only in porn. If you want to make porn, write in adultfanfiction.

The fact that you desrespect so many fandoms and characters for a fucking harem... is frankly, tells me just what type of a cunt you are.
10/2/2021 c1 DarkBan
DAMN, less than half a chapter to ruin the MC life.. DAMN. You're too powerful! xDD
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