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for A Horse For the Force

4/3 c32 MilandaAnza
Goodness it feels like it’s been forever and I realized how much I’ve missed your stories. Haven’t had the chance to catch up yet but wanted to state how glad I am to see this story was completed. Thanks so much for being amazing Vime!
2/18 c2 5Shinkicker
Not a bad story, but Ranma doesn’t sound like Ranma here and the lecturing and dismissive attitude to the Jedi stuff is kind of difficult to read with how preachy it is and how it makes the Jedi look stupid just to make Ranma look good, especially considering that there should still be some sort of language barrier. Also that talk about how the change is complete with the monthly visitor and how Ranma could be assaulted is just completely unnecessary and isn’t really suited for just being blurted out in the middle,of a group like that.
12/29/2023 c2 jmtxam
I suddenly remenber why I dropped this fic before. Palpatine always has a spy or convenient listening device is just the right places to be able to hear ranma's explanations on his techniques for him to learn... even if it's in a place that he really shouldn't be able to spy on so quickly.
12/23/2023 c8 Dragonblaze66
Dude for someone who likes the Legends continuity you missed that comic that explain how the Jedi knew about the Sith.
11/5/2023 c1 Hammerfist-dono

. z
11/5/2023 c32 Mari Wollsch
lovely great xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
10/29/2023 c32 7zakan
To tell the truth, in the final line I was expecting to read something like Shaak abruptly leaving her seat and run to the bathroom to regurgitate loudly, leaving Ranma looking in her direction petrified, and the force giving a raspberry or giggling sensation to both of them.
10/6/2023 c5 zakan
Wait, why Ranma didn't notice the spy cameras? He is supposed to be able to feel being in the camera lens for extended periods, even a lot before of Herb or the Phoenix tribe arcs, as is shown when he fights against the chameleon.
9/15/2023 c1 Andorxor
No normal peopel are much weaker than people that can run at full speed throught the tree canopy
8/18/2023 c32 shirousagi87
Thank you for this story it was one of my favorites! Now just to wait for the epiloge, i liked the space battle it was intence and finally ranma spanked the daughter i was waiting for it since the moment he says he would spanked her. Once again thanks for the story i will keep checking your others works
8/14/2023 c27 1NerdLord2nd
typo notification in several parts through out this chapter Talli's name is replaced with Scout
8/11/2023 c32 2Kortir
Awesome story and congrats on completing it! Sure, it could have gone on longer, but it wasn't truly necessary unless you wanted to. You brought it to a solid and enjoyable ending. I can't ask more than that. I was never a huge Ranma fan, but I really enjoy your writing with him. Maybe at some point I'll give one of the others more of a chance despite fandoms that I otherwise largely don't care for. You have a gift for writing that few others have. If the mood ever strikes you, I'd love to see a Worm story pop up. Either way I'll keep watching and reading and I'm excited to see what will replace this story in the queue.
8/8/2023 c32 jaclon
Thanks for the grand tale of daring do..
8/6/2023 c32 7Daemon Sadi
thank you :)
8/1/2023 c32 1Natalie-E-G
Tied up all the really major issues. As you indicated the lesser issues others can handle.

You still need to proof read. Several times times it was obvious you had rewritten the sentence/paragraph and left multiple artifacts/parts of the original. Also you really should be more careful when using a spell checker. Having "He tan to the store." has all words correctly spelled but "He ran to the store." I think is what you wanted to say. The wrong word, not even close to what you meant was used multiple times and not just in this chapter.

I will admit I would like to see 1 or 2 chapter sequels. Just something like 6 months/years down the road, Anakin or someone is doing something and they come across Ranma and crew and say, "We have this job and it would really help and maybe save a few lives if you were there." Not a full arc, just interjections into your revised Star Wars mythology.

Ranma did, as almost always get over-powered at the end but just barely enough to make the victory possible. Further there were still more powerful he really could not hope to ever reach the power level of.
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