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3/15 c21 ElementalMaster16
Very cool chapter! Space battles are cool, but they're pretty hard to make sense of sometimes.
3/7 c2 1Eagleone 55
Thank you for continuing this story I really like it!
3/2 c2 Please read me
The Jedi Council watches Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Majora's Mask and Skyward Sword and breath of the Wild lady Faye is there too.
3/2 c1 Please read me
It's not about brainwashing it's kind of similar to fate stay nights self-hypnosis the conscious mind is all douchebaggy about what it believes is reality and what isn't reality it basically acts like a Karen when it comes to reality and whatnot and you have to train yourself and self hypnotize yourself to put your mind in a certain level of disbelief believing type of foggy gray area in order for you to accept that you're able to lift things with your mind and stuff that's why Jedi like Yoda can lift starships and stuff because they train so much that they no longer mostly believe there's any weight to win their lifting things with their mind and Jedi have precognition this is usually only like the barest fraction of a gut instinct but through training it can become perfect precognition like deja vu but control and every plank second then there's battle meditation where you literally connect up to a bunch of people and you use that connection to alter the odds for everyone basically you can roll your dice and add your dice action to every troop that you're connected to one dice becomes many but for each troop individually then there is farsight basically a passive meditative state in which they could see the past present and future usually Jedi get like glimpse of the future and they get all excited about b******* when actuality what you're supposed to do is compare and contrast and get those Visions like 22 million times during your meditation and then compare and contrast those fragments and go this is what the most likely path is going to occur within a certain amount of time that's why Jedi meditate so much when they're trying to see the future because they're not trying to get just to flashes of what to come they're trying to get flashes of what to come enough so they can piece together what the f***** going on so they could go okay we can go in now and do this and not be screwed over to Anakin Skywalker was the one that took fragments and took chances and that's why the Jedi later on towards the end of the Clone Wars was more jumpy and quick to prone to do harsh actions because Skywalker Anakin rubbed off on them he they said he's the chose the one he gets so much success and he might be doing something right by not just meditating for 20 hours instead get those fragments of vision and act on them maybe something something probability something something temporal curve something something something something the more you look at the future anymore you change it something something b******* the original take on looking at the future was correct look at the future predict as many different possible outcomes for the most likely scenario compare contrast take the median but prepare for the worst possible scenarios and deal with the b*******
3/3 c21 LostDragon49
I understand you having a tough time writing this chapter due to hiatus your muse took. However, thank you for powering through and continuing to write this story. Recently I was trying to rember which story I was following which had Fay as Harry's master and had been looking through all the SW/HP crossovers looking for it. Then about 2 days after I started looking for this very story, you posted the update. I was so excited I started reading from the beginning to refresh my memory of all the plots and just finished.

Thank you again and I'm hoping your muse sticks around for more chapters soon.
3/1 c6 EANID
maaan Windu would have been much better master for anikin, obi-wan just was not ready for it
2/24 c21 1Bearmauls
I'm not entirely sure how the Republic can have a law that would force succeeded systems return. I mean, by definition, if they succeeded (especially before the law happened), they're not subject to Republic law. Not that you necessarily need legal justification to force someone back into the fold, but I don't understand how said legal justification would work.
2/16 c21 Appo1119
My only critique is for you to remember to always capitalize master when referring to Jedi by name.
2/14 c21 Marsuvees Black The Dark Lord
I fucking loved this chapter... this is probably my favorite Star Wars story
2/14 c21 Marsuvees Black The Dark Lord
You are aware that Lucrehulks can hold up to 10k right?
2/12 c21 InfinityMask
When Grivius attacked the Bacta planet it would United the Republic and GDL. Lol a mistake.

Hope Kas and Mak would be alright. Alecto too. The Bane would show all it secret when Correlia attacked huh? The reaction of Sidious would be interesting.

Oh I also hope Vos and his lady survive Sidious anger.
2/12 c20 InfinityMask
Well I really curious whatever Anakin can be saved?
2/12 c19 InfinityMask
Urgh. The Jedi is stupid. He knows they wouldn’t take prisoner. He should self destruct. Because of his stupidity the secret is out too soon! Haa.
At least the potion is interesting. I’m looking forward to see when it would be good help in war.
2/11 c21 2FinalKingdomHearts
I look forward to the next chapter.
2/11 c21 Armiture
Thanks for the greatly delayed update, it was good to see some progress made by Harry's side though the CIS and Sith had some major successes of their own too.

I had totally forgotten about Mak and Kas, I hope their search is quick and the destruction of the dark force pylon very thorough and well-timed. Though I doubt it will expose Sidious unless he's actually on the Senate floor when the Veil ripples.

As an aside, having Harry act like Ranma would've been an amusing read, it was Sailor Sun that got me into reading Ranma fanfics many years ago.
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