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4/14 c23 MalSer
Great chapter, well worth the wait. Thanks!
4/11 c1 yourfoxydope
cringe harem shit
4/4 c18 Shadow
"Aayla, do you wish to come with us to these meetings?

did you mean to say Ahsoka?
4/1 c23 shade656
You introduced Chewbacca’s wife as Mallatobuck (Malla) in chapter 6 and afterwards, except in this chapter her name is Lowbacca for some reason. Just like Asajj Ventress going from Darth Charon to Drath Noctis. I know that you go for long intervals with writing, so maybe you should make notes that you can reference. Anyway I like your writing and can’t wait for the next chapter.
3/30 c1 Batmanwolf738
Please not Hermione or ginny literally anyone else would be better
3/28 c3 mumphie
I was wondering what would happed to Palpatine if someone sent him a Patronus Pal plushy? I'm just envisioning an Omake where he is given one by a youngling and he then dissolves like the Wicked Witch of the West - "I'm melting, melting, Oh my beautiful wickedness..." ;)
(If you hadn't heard of them, AnnF has a HP story -"Grief, Deceptions, and Hope for Freedom" - where they infuse plushies with the patronus spell, and it helps people who are injured, and to push away Dementors.)
3/27 c14 3LordHadesinTartarus
So I just thought I'd mention this since this particular mistake keeps popping up, both in this fic and the Star Wars fandom in general, but the Jedi order is technically not beholden to any government. The Ruusan reformation was primarily political in nature, and it's effects were largely concerned with the nature of the Republic and its governmental structure. The changes in the Jedi order as a result of the Ruusan reformation were largely symbolic - they're only nominally under the supervision, but not command, of the chancellor and the judicial department; they still operate as a uniquely separate entity. Jedi order policy is not changed, dictated, or affected by the senate or the republic; in fact the Jedi order isn't actually legally bound to the Republic at all. They operate under the auspices of Republic law and so respect certain aspects thereof, such as the demilitarization of the Republic that the Ruusan reformation enforced; however, the Jedi order are free to do as they please as an independent quasi-religious order. The Jedi are essentially the same as the Templar order were in real life - a law unto themselves bound to no government, but adhering to the laws of the lands in which they reside. So the senate asking Harry about his relationship or asking about Jedi techniques or specifics about the order doesn't make sense given that the order isn't actually answerable to them.
3/23 c23 5mad thought
There's going to be backlash on Sep worlds when this gets out, defection and rebellion or even exodus. Got a feeling Palpatine purposefully kept the fleet back, if that's the case let Anakin find out so he becomes more of a wildcard in this story. His mental health is not excellent hell he's probably going to go manhunter on Sep leadership until he gets Grievous. Padme stepping up and showing who's boss.
3/21 c23 Hadrian.Caeser
Poor Mache, to die like this instead of an epic light saber duel
3/15 c23 M1stymix
is the aethersprite big enough to have your own bathroom? Also reason Jedi don't die much in starfighters is because their skills are really good would be the ace pilot of a non-force user starfighter pilot. Though I'm scratching my head on Windu's death here like it's kinda disappointing death
3/15 c23 Arnoror
Another excellent chapter. But are you sure Zule isn't half-Zeltron because Falleen are green not red, I think? Or am I just stupid and she is half-Zeltron half- Falleen and you just only always mention Falleen?
3/13 c23 Crys
I wonder how Sidious will try to make the GDL out to be the bad guy after freakin' saving Thyferra.

Brutal scene, but believable.

After the cleanup and investigations, bacta will become very nearly impossible to find in the CIS. So even if Dominus denies the GR and GDL news of this fight, the population will eventually come to believe it, simply because bacta will be unavailable to them. And therefore become less enthusiastic as a whole toward this war. It'll take time and won't be a big thing, but it'll happen.

Looking forward to more!
3/12 c23 ElementalMaster16
Really good chapter! Tense from almost the beginning to the end.
3/9 c2 Guest
Transfiguration is temporary usually I assume, then again his method of transfiguration may differ than rather one wizards use, and the force energy in the star wars galaxy is higher so that may play a role in it.
3/10 c23 1Spartan of Rome
I wonder if Harry and Aayla will ever go to the Maw and encounter Abeloth or even the Ones
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