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15h c30 SumeragiByakuren
Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you for updating! Please please please please please update again soon! I can't wait for more! >_<
11/21 c30 DarkAngel2581
Absolutely love it can't wait to read more :-)
11/20 c30 3Valen Goncalvez
Please keep updating! I can't wait to know what will happen next! And thank you for your efforts!
11/20 c30 TheklaPavlouAnime
11/20 c30 ladyamy26072003
9/11 c2 PopperPaper
What happened to Ciel's twin brother? The one in canon?
8/4 c29 1DemonWolf25
Yeah, cramps still to get worse the older you are. Stress doesnt help it either. Im lucky too. Its not to bad for me but I have noticed its more the emotional side likes to be a pain with me now.
8/4 c19 DemonWolf25
Welcome to hell aka army training, lol
8/4 c18 DemonWolf25
Im enjoying this. I do hope it will update one day too
7/27 c9 DemonWolf25
Wow, nice that I can read a bot about the childhood. I hope i get some from between the contract starting to the start of the manga/anime
7/27 c4 DemonWolf25
The undertaker didnt want to give Ceil up? Neat.

Considering the fact that she knows she has been reborn im surprised that nothing was said about the undertaker
7/15 c29 Guest
Love it! Awesome chapter
5/13 c29 Demonica-Death
More please!
10/20/2019 c5 z u k u s h i m i k a
Similar story, apathy to violence except if it has to do with neck or wrists, I have a case of carpophobia, horror only the supernatural/paranormal/unexplainable drives me crazy. Gore is cool, jump scares not so much, laughed at Texas Chainsaw. The only one who laughed.
9/20/2019 c29 3Kid Soulless
Love the story XD
'Bitch Lasagna' noice
Anyhow, the pre-cannon arcs were great, I enjoyed them thoroughly and hope you do a few more original arcs between the Cannon time skips!
New Ceil is very amusing indeed, btw XD
Can't wait for the next update!
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