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1/29/2017 c3 10sejutaejo
"Wonder Woman's boyfriends" LMAO THIS WAS GOLD PURE GOLD
1/8/2017 c6 17korben600
As a random reviewer who has no affiliation to you and have no idea who you are I feel kind of weird saying this, but good luck wherever you choose to put your talents next!
1/4/2017 c6 CrazyPhenom
Heh, you finally got there. Im gonna go ahead and leave my I told you so in a public setting.
1/4/2017 c6 40Black' Victor Cachat
Sad to hear this, but hoping it will come back to you. That said, hope everything goes well for you, and I seriously appreciate the courtesy of you sending us this message! :-)
1/4/2017 c6 2that guy who wrights
The justice league section of will miss you. Thanks for all the wonderful stories you've written. Good luck with school!
1/4/2017 c6 31Thinker90
Thanks for writing this story! It's great and I've loved every minute of it.
4/29/2016 c5 17korben600
Breaking News: After an unknown altercation in Gotham City, Donald Trump his entire campaign have said they are discontinuing any further campaign activities in Gotham and the state of New Jersey in general, saying "I'm not going within a hundred miles of that hellhole". Analysts are stunned as this announcement is in spite of having the largest donation rates in his campaign's history after one day in the city.

In other news, Arkham Asylum recently had it's largest breakout ever, with almost every high profile inmate going missing in the span of 3 hours. Curiously enough all were back in their cells by the end of the day and authorities are perplexed at the breakout.
4/22/2016 c5 Guest
I love the slogans! Funny as always. Love your work.
4/22/2016 c4 Guest
I couldn't even make it through War. Stopped around Cyborgs birth.
4/21/2016 c5 adiaz2049
4/20/2016 c5 Yeah
Glorious, LOL. I honestly wish we had superheroes in real life who would go up against Trump.
4/20/2016 c5 Guest
Next Headline: Gotham City threatens to secede from U.S. if Trump wins. Based on Gotham City being kicked out of America in No Man's land.
4/20/2016 c1 Guest
I laughed so hard I almost cried. Well done.
4/20/2016 c5 40Black' Victor Cachat
LOL "Borderline-insane vote," nice! Trumps comments against Bruce and Diana fit in perfectly with that!

Yep, real subtle campaign by Superman against Trump. Actually wondering what it would be like if Superman moved to Canada in protest?
4/20/2016 c5 Medusa Fiction
This is hilarious just pure genius, Fantastic work.
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