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for Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire

4/12/2018 c22 Just a reader
I don't usually write reviews for fanfics but I've really enjoyed this series of yours since the beginning. From Bad to Worse was one of my favorites, and I was happy to see you continue the series. Which is a shame that you've been gone for nearly a year but I'm guessing shit got in the way as usual when it comes to fanfiction authors. I hope you'll come back and finish this some day, or at least come back and start writing again; I enjoy your writing and characters.
10/23/2017 c22 A Man Undercover
If I may ask good sir,

Can Daring Do come into the mix?

I think she would be a wonderful character to have involved in the story, especially as a new friend and ally of James Alistair.
4/21/2017 c22 7tyrantOFathens
Man i love this story, you do a marvelous job with it. Cant wait for more, and cant wait for James to learn another human for him tp train is on the loose!
2/23/2017 c21 A Man Undercover
Another update that is as excellent as ever!

Thank you for coming back.

Once again, my mind is packed with questions involving this story. So I'll go ahead & ask:

1. I understand that Twilight doesn't like James. However, Twilight's anger seems to take hold of her more than usual.

And, Celestia may think that gathering up the shards and taking them for safekeeping and research is a good idea, but, she really doesn't know the consequences of what would happen if they were all brought together.

Thundershield has been no better because he's hunting down James like a bloodhound. And not just for justice, but for his own personal desires and gains.

So, are Twilight, Thundershield, and Celestia unwittingly key parts of Ophidian's plan to takeover Equestria?

2. It makes me sick to the stomach to know that the Equestrians have three shards, even one in Canterlot. Especially without knowing what will happen.

Will those shards somehow be retrieved by James & Colin, or by someone else?

3. With everything that's happening, I'm not sure Lyra and Bon Bon would want to sit by while James and Colin are being tracked by the Main Six or by Celestia and the guard.

What do you think they could do to help?

4. I think Twilight and Celestia should eventually discover what really happened back then; and that James is more than anypony thinks. That he does know the meaning of friendship; and why he's collecting the shards.

Will they eventually discover the true character of James Alistair and his true motives?

Well, those are all my questions.

I hope you update soon.
1/10/2017 c20 tyrantOFathens
Love the new chapter! And for crying out loud Twilight, stop trying! It never ends well when James is involved...

Love the detail and interactions between the characters, everything is done very well, i hope we get more soon!
12/13/2016 c19 tyrantOFathens
Oh boy... Colin is in for a lot of work... he is going to have a blast with james! I can feel it! Nothing is going to go wrong in the slightest!

And then there is that strange third person... but they seem to be a bit more influenced than either James or Coling were, so maybe this is plan C for the Snake thing? (Totally didnt just forgot his name, sorry,)
12/7/2016 c18 2StrangeTales117
To the guest below me;

You are correct. I have been absent lately, and I apologize wholeheartedly for having wasted your time; it was not my intention. I would say that I didn't think anyone cared that much, but that would be a really stupid thing to say looking at the comments here.

The truth is, I have been neglecting the fic for quite some time now, but I aim to fix this; I don't intend to throw in the towel on this story, not quite yet at least. And to everyone else who has commented, I also apologize for not answering any questions you had. Admittedly, I wasn't exactly sure how to reply to most of you folks.

I will be uploading new chapters soon, and I hope that nothing gets in the way of that. In the meantime, cheers, happy holidays, and thank you for your patience.

11/26/2016 c18 Guest
look man if the fic is dead then tell us but dont make us fucking waste our lives even more.
10/6/2016 c18 Guest
pls tell me this new human is a female and \./ keep up the good work.
9/17/2016 c17 Guest
When James is referred to as "boy", it makes me wonder how old exactly is James Alistair.
9/15/2016 c18 A Man Undercover
I'm glad to have seen a new update. I definitely hope you can keep updating.

I definitely find Thundershield's leadership to be very questionable. It's as if he knows what really happened and wants James to be the villain instead of him. Or does it have something to do with not wanting to be discharged from the Equestrian Guard?

I'm also wondering who the human discovered at the Crystal Empire could be?

I can't wait to see James explain to Colin who he really is?

I'm also wondering if any of the Main Six discovered whose clock James had?

It would also be wonderful to know what the motives of this story's antagonist is?
9/9/2016 c18 7tyrantOFathens
Haha, Fluttershy was so chill when Twilight was losing it. That made me happy for some reason. And now we have the third human coming back into play... but that doesnt sound like it went well, from Cadence's letter.

Keep up the great work my friend!
9/4/2016 c17 A Man Undercover
Excellent update. Very well done too.

I love that Twilight and her friends at last find that everything they are doing towards Colin goes against everything they have learned over the years. And, that James rescued Colin and that they finally get to meet.

I believe the questions I have this time definitely concern what happens next, like:
What will the Main Six do now that James took Colin out of Ponyville?

Will James answer the questions Colin has been looking for answers on?

Will Colin get to hear James's side of the story?

Will Colin believe James if he does hear it?

Will James and Colin work together in order to stop whatever scheme is being put into play?

Who could the other humans that have mysteriously arrived in Equestria be?

Will the Main Six and Princess Celestia ever discover that James is not the monster they believe him to be?

So many questions all in one comment.

Keep up the work! Please! Just make another update soon!
9/3/2016 c17 A Man Undercover
I'm glad that Twilight and her friends made the decision to untie Colin, and that they took into consideration that what they have been doing with him goes against everything they learned over the years.

I'm also glad that James rescued Colin.

I think the biggest questions now involve what happens next, like: What will the Main Six do now that James got Colin out of Ponyville? Will Colin get to hear James side of the story and see who he really is? Will James answer Colin's questions? Will Colin and James work together to solve Equestria's current mystery?
Who could the other humans in Equestria be? Will the Main Six and Princess Celestia ever discover that James isn't the monster they believe him to be?

Well, those are all my questions. Hope you update soon.
8/21/2016 c17 tyrantOFathens
*dons shades while playing "back in black"* i feel like that should be James' them song.

And he knocked on the door! He didnt ask to see Colin, but he knocked on the door! That bomb scene was great.

The way you did the Colin scene in the middle was well done also, with Twilight apologizing, and such.

Keep up the great work my friend, I cant wait for more!
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