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10/28 c390 4Monster King
10/25 c1 10hwolf
can you make a story, Vampire Diaries: Stefan S / Multi?
10/24 c389 4Monster King
Love it
10/22 c388 Whiskey Lullaby 1864
Thanks for another good one.
10/22 c387 Whiskey Lullaby 1864
Another good one.
10/22 c386 Whiskey Lullaby 1864
Oh man, this story is awesome.
10/21 c388 Monster King
Great work
10/17 c387 Lysani G
Another good one. Thx
10/17 c387 Monster King
Awesome job
10/14 c386 Dragon Fruitte
I loved this. What an amazing story.
10/14 c2 Hero100100
I'm sad to say this but Young Justice Rebirth Volume 3 is doing everything over and over again and it's getting old

sadly I am starting to just want Darkside to take over and have the heroes lose once and for all

the hero's take one step forward and then two steps back and it's getting annoying

otherwise it is a really good story
10/14 c386 John Quest
10/14 c386 Monster King
Awesome job
10/11 c383 Nocnafuria123
Czy możesz zrobić z Rosalie Hale x Harry potter
10/8 c1 Guest
Longest smut ever written?
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