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3/10 c438 AnnaMerteuil
that's a gift he'd never forget
3/9 c438 4Monster King
Great work continue please
3/7 c437 Monster King
Great update I liked it
3/4 c319 Guest
Hey i absolutely love your fanfics and I request you to please make another lily luna fanfic cuz me and my 7 friendz love that one
3/4 c436 Monster King
Great update
3/2 c435 Monster King
2/28 c434 setsuna1415
can you do a Farah Dowling chapter please? shes from fate the winx saga series
2/28 c434 Monster King
2/27 c433 Guest
Do sonya blade or a mortal kombat girl please
2/25 c1 34Darth rebellion
May I use these for inspiration
2/25 c433 4Monster King
2/23 c432 loganrogue24
love yor fics bub can you do harry and fire star from the old spider-man and amazing friends cartoon and more Rogue please lol.
2/23 c432 Monster King
Awesome loved the update
2/20 c431 Monster King
Loved the update
2/18 c430 Monster King
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