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2/16 c429 Savageverse
Doesn't this get boring writing the same repetitive shit?
2/13 c428 Dante Johnson1
you haven't went for the sexiest woman in anima Seras Victoria from Hellsing and Sir Interga Wensgate Hellsing
2/13 c22 3Charlee56
I'm sure you've heard this before, but it's sticking in my craw so here goes: You do NOT seem to know the difference between "him" and "her".
You keep on mixing the usages up, and call Harry "her" quite a bit. And the same seems true of the womem he's with.
If you think about it, a Beta as an editor/proofreader would be a great help to you. I'd urge you to think about it.
Good luck!
2/13 c428 4Monster King
Great job
2/11 c427 Monster King
2/9 c426 Monster King
2/6 c425 Monster King
2/6 c425 14thunderofdeath97
left a comment on chapter 424, then found out the fic got updated, lol
2/6 c424 thunderofdeath97
hm maybe the blond woman who works with olivia ? or kim burgess or maybe the blond detective woman, whose name i can't remember right now.

maybe a few chapters featuring women from charmed? prue, piper, phoebe?

just ideas
2/5 c424 Gucci Mane LaFlare
I think this is the weirdest character I've seen in this story so far. It's just so out there lol.
2/4 c424 4Monster King
2/2 c234 1IRanOutOfIdeasForMyUsername
Pinky and the Brain Brain Brain Brain...
2/2 c423 4Monster King
1/30 c422 Monster King
1/29 c421 Monster King
Great update
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