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6/7 c23 Teamemmettandkellan
Holy moly what an abrupt stop. My heart was beating fast.

I truly hope all is well. But what a story. ️️
4/27 c23 GenieM
Please please please finish this!
4/24 c7 AEC7fb
Oh nooo Hermione…. Redemption for Hermione
4/23 c23 yochan123
oooh interesting plz continue
4/22 c23 9musicmadness4
I am loving this fic very much and an eager for more!
4/18 c18 R
3/15 c23 Guest
Really enjoyed reading this, the only issue I’ve seen is that you had Andromeda tell Tonks to talk to Harry and that’s the last we saw of Tonks so did she never talk to him?
3/13 c2 Josh
The journalists name is Rita skeeter not seeker
3/7 c23 Wildcatatheart
nice story, enjoyed reading it but the spelling is a bit off putting at times
3/6 c23 Aratherfluffyfatcat
Enjoying the story thanks
2/19 c23 mattdombast
At this point in time argon family should all die hagrid should have told him they where going to move them not kill them but know they should die but huge part wish the basilisk show up to protect the school in harry use his gift to protect the snake would be different in amazing
2/19 c22 mattdombast
I think albus should suffer the kiss looking forward to more i stop reading for awhile but happy its been updated
2/19 c21 mattdombast
I just love Toombs for harry as caretaker put i kinda want him with Perry chracter made me want his happiness
2/19 c20 mattdombast
Kinda of like blaise with Neville
2/19 c18 mattdombast
So very good
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