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4/15 c22 8animecutylover
Wow. So many dark elements in the background of this fic. I do wonder how many people’s morals are skewed or compromised.
4/12 c22 Winter1906
Update soon please
4/9 c22 NaRuKo-InuTaiSHo-XD
A really exciting chapter.
Looking forward to the next chapter.
4/7 c5 xikum
I like how you are moving along at a brisk clip! Too many folk seem to take eons to get half as far along as you are already, and yet you have done it without feeling rushed' instead covering the pertinent points thoroughly! There are many misspellings and verb tense issues, but the story itself is wonderful! I have often wondered at how it seems that many creative writers have that issue, while us 'grammar nazis' can clean it up, but could never write so interesting a story!
3/30 c11 Guest
Love your story. I think it's very well written but there are quite a few typos throughout. For example theres squab and squad instead of squib and squid etc. Hope you keep writing and I'll keep reading
3/15 c22 Jamie-lea McDonald
Please update please please ️️
3/9 c22 Faery66
Hope to read more soon.

2/24 c22 Eclectica737
I kinda hope that Mrs. Baltimore wrecks Dumbass and makes him wish for Azkaban.
2/21 c22 Callum Runchman
This is kinda wierd but I like it.
I hope Dumbledore doesn't get any release and is sentenced to death because if he does get off easy it'll be too much of an injustice for all effected by him.
Sirius whilst an amazing character is clearly unstable and not capable of looking after himself properly let alone a minor. Whether this is because of the "Black family madness" or the Dementor exposure for a decade I'm not sure but only Lupin seems responsible enough to potentially care for Harry out of the remaining Marauders and I feel like Harry will cause problems with them by choosing Snape over them due to his connections to his Head of House.
For the finale obviously Harry should become the 'Prince' of the first years with Daphne likely becoming the 'Princess' and I feel like from those titals maybe a potential friendship or more could bloom between them. I mean let's face it you can't have Harry paired with Hermione or Ginny etc because he's a Slytherine and we can't have Malfoy succeeding at stuff because that'd just inflate his ego even more and defeat the purpose of the story.
I really hope you update this again and soon as it's got a lot of potential and shouldn't be abandoned so carelessly
2/11 c22 Winter1906
Update soon please
2/10 c22 Lady Kaiki
Fantastic !
2/7 c22 cjab1234
I have just sat and read all the chapters, I love this story.
Looking forward to reading more.
2/6 c22 lady sakura cosmos
great story, I like it
1/28 c2 2Yoko-Kiryuu Bikutoria Kurama
Hi can I ask the timeline here? In the books Harry is born July 31st which was the day Hagrid takes Harry to Diagon Alley and Hogwarts requires students to catch the train to the school on September 1st 11am which is a whole 31 days between the two dates. So I got a bit confused by your timing in this chapter. Sorry to bother you.
1/10 c12 Guest
Severus and Harry would be really good for one another.
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