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7/14/2005 c1 Callaway Queen
don't remember if i reviewed this story already. So i'm just doing it now...I loved it! It was really cool with the same names and everything! I loved how you let Chris Callaway be the name of a boy...i think it's so cool!

keep on writing dudette!
8/7/2003 c1 BRINAusmc
i think this story was really great. it made me laugh a few times which is something i love when reading a fanfic. i want to really write one but i wouldnt even know where to start. Maybe you can give me some pointers.
7/15/2003 c1 Callaway Queen
hey great story. it was kind of confusing with the names and all cause i jus skipped to the end cause i wanted to see if t.c and chris would have ended up together. and thank god they did!

they make such a cute and perfect couple.(chris being my so favourite character ever! and t.c being my other fav...he's such a hottie.!) but they make a good couple. their kids will come out sweet.

keep writing more stories about t.c and chris.
5/13/2003 c1 16Kristin4
Hey that was a cute story. I hope you write more. I love TC/Chris stories because they make such a cute couple.
2/28/2003 c1 myu182

can u please write one with cory and tc after having the baby like a few months cause i want to get my imagination going. you know like wbat would their life be like then, will they get marry, etc. stuff like that
1/5/2003 c1 17Chiquinta
Tee hee, they named their kids after one another. That could get very confusing.
1/4/2003 c1 Guest
I'm from Sweden and I loved your storie!
1/4/2003 c1 glory02
i really like it

Ilove Tc/Chris storys there are just not to many storys about them but every story with them or at least with Chris (my favourite ever) is great

the only thing is sometimes it´s pretty hard to understand your story because some parts are a little upside down

but I hope you write more Tc/Chris storys


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