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4/24/2022 c22 Nishimura3107
I just found this story and I can't tell how many times it made me tear up ;-; the characterization is amazing! Their struggle seems so genuine, I can picture them as real people. Aaah I wanna say so many things, I love this story, I really hope it gets finished someday thank you so much for writing this ️️
4/6/2021 c21 ena
god i followed this fic back when i was 16 and it had such an impact on me you would not believe... it randomly crosses my mind every once in a while and i get tempted to check for updates - it's understandable when fic writers discontinue their works, i certainly dont love hetalia anymore nor do i read fanfiction but this is such an honest and raw portrayal of 2 people struggling to understand each other, i really do think it's remarkable. arguments between arthur and alfred are still painful to read and make me cringe in a good way, arthur in particular getting so nasty he's downright childish feels very true to life. he's such a heartbreaking character and i love the subtle way in which it's hinted thar his internalized homophobia kinda kickstarted his self-loathing and he resents his father for his conservative nature. like 5 years after discovering this fic it still manages to make me emotional and now it even feels a bit nostalgic, i dont remember when i last left a review on a fic. idk if you will ever end up reading this but i would be so happy to read the end to False Face and i hope you are still writing these very human, very genuine stories. much love 3
2/24/2021 c22 Ryokolovescakes
Please continue I love this story pls
2/8/2021 c22 luwu12248
10/20/2020 c22 16Bellatlas
I'VE BEEN FOLLOWING THIS SINCE I WAS A TEENAGER IN THE EARLY 2010s! I checked back every now and then and figured it would never be updated and I think the last time I checked was 2016. I know it's been a while but I'm just happy there's anything new to read. Oh my gosh. This fic was such a part of my childhood. Do you think you'll be updating it anymore?
8/31/2020 c1 1Nutty colour
I really hope this will continue, if you're still writing. I absolutely love this and have read it trice.
Hope the Author is doing good and staying healthy.
7/7/2020 c22 Guest
Man, I forgot how much I loved this fanfic. I know you're not writing it anymore (or at least it looks that way, and fanfic authors tend not to come back when it's been years), but I do want you to know that I really enjoyed reading this despite not getting an ending. Reading this fictional years ago made me more aware of my own mental health issues, so thank you.
11/26/2019 c6 5LR00
Majoring in mystery... it would be a cool major though
3/10/2019 c5 Guest
God as someone who hates when people want to help someone who refuse to help are a fucking, stupid selfish piece of shit dumbfuck for pushing people away, and hurting them and all I want to do is punch you in the face and scream at you to wake the fuck up from your self-pity.

Sorry had to get that out. But man, author good job on evoking such a strong reaction out of me lol.
2/23/2019 c22 Mea
oh no I caught up. oh no. oh nooo. this hasn't updated in a while, so I hope you are doing well and healthy yourself! thank you for these 22 chapters, I struggle with something similar and it was quite cathartic and (in my opinion) handled just... so open and perfect. at first I was a little worried about how arthur was treating alfred especially in front of his friends (MAN, no offense artie, but if a good friend's partner spoke like that to 'em our first meeting I'd be concerned - which also brings me to the *lame Snickers commerical voice* You aren't you when you're hungry! *end* aspect that was so real... saying things you don't mean & being crushed with the guilt of that sure does go hand-in-hand with an eating disorder. alfred took it in good stride though... which I gotta say, I absolutely love how you write them being intimate and just. disgustingly cute. it is so reminiscent of an irl silly and in good humour relationship that brings a smile to face when they're enjoying themselves. ah! another thing! I'm so glad you went into that because his alcohol & benzodiazepine mixing had me so terribly worried and like this isn't going to go well but it is still going well, somehow. that awful timing for shit to hit the fan though... indeed, very glad he wasn't on the plane. oh geez I was only planning on commenting a sentence or something but I just want you to know that even now, in 2019, there's people finding and reading this and loving it to bits. whether you finish this fic or not, thank you so much for writing and publishing the chapters you have shared with us.
1/17/2019 c22 PhGim.7
This is such a great story! Hopefully all works out for Arthur and Alfred in the end. ;3
11/23/2018 c22 12FreeRum And LiberTea
Oh god that was so sweet!
11/15/2018 c22 blanquita092010
Hello, doze!
My name is Blanca and I live in a small country called Nicaragua.
I normally don't review, but your story is so relatable and deep that i couldn't help myself not to do it. I suffered of anorexia since I was 14 until my 16th birthday. It never got so far that I had to get interned on a hospital as our sweet cinamon roll Arthur, but I did suffer the early stages of it. I think that the worst part was when I refused to eat the food my mom made on celebrations. I always ruined the mood. Thus, the reason that was the worst part is because I was hurting other people and not myself. It was easy to stop eating and feel hunger pangs, but The face of frustration in my relatives was something I could not borne.

Now, sorry about my past babbling , I really don't like to talk about it, but I now that you will understand.

Thank you very much for this beautiful fanfic. I love it with all my soul, and I hope you finish it :) Hope you are doing well and keep Being such a great writer.
I must say, I can relate. My history teacher almost did the same thing to me...It's not something yo joke about but I find it coincidental
9/9/2018 c22 MiciChrysDCMWL1980
Please don't let this story die - I have a deep need to see how Alfred deals with Arthur's uptight asshole relatives and to see how their relationship progresses. This story has ran me through my personal emotional rollercoaster and I love when what I'm reading does that. I've just got to hope you find it in you to pick this back up.
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