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1/17/2020 c18 Guest
You forgot the biggest deception: Lying to Snow and Charming about how many people can use the tree. He started the whole quest on a Selfish, Cowardly Lie because he was afraid of the curse's effects on him. I don't like August, but Blue set him up.
1/16/2020 c11 Guest
As a liar/conman, Pinocchio should know better than to take the Blue Fairy's word on anything. He's not a little boy who was recently a lump of wood. He shouldn't be so naive.
9/18/2017 c20 xxxLeanniexxx
Absolutely excellent!
5/1/2017 c20 3Sue Clover
Oh gods. This story is immense, and powerful, and amazing. I love it. It is nearly all of my favorite things; Rumple and Bae interacting and fixing their relationship, AU's that are more like a divergence in the timeline than simply rewriting everything to put ppl where you want them, Rumple getting to be more of a good guy without being out of character, Rumple getting to be all fatherly towards actual children, and showing how much he cares about children. Those last two are particularly important. And all the other elements of the story are delightful, too.

And now I really really need to go find the sequel, so please excuse me.
5/1/2017 c18 Sue Clover
In all the OUAT fic I've read (and I admit, most or all of it was Rumple-centric), only once has Blue been a genuinely decent character. Honestly, the decisions she makes are damn shifty when you actually look at them.
7/31/2016 c11 10BellejanelleDearie
"in any story he was in, Rumpelstiltskin (as himself or ) was always the villain"
Accurate description of season 4 and 5...god i hate a&e. :( but i love this story!
7/31/2016 c20 BellejanelleDearie
Why was Emma so urgent last chapter about taking Henry away from Regina? And when exactly did she learn the truth about everyone's true identities? I thought the scene with August wasn't until later? Why were August's conversations and the Kathryn drama stretched for so long and the RumBelle reunion and the breaking of the curse cut so short?
Sorry if I'm asking a lot of questions but I've found these last few chapters pretty hard to follow. I don't remember much of the specifics of Season 1.
7/30/2016 c15 BellejanelleDearie
I'm crying! PapaFire FOREVER!
7/29/2016 c10 BellejanelleDearie
Lesson of this chapter: Rumple and Regina feuding is always bound to be amusing. Great work!
3/27/2016 c14 PodkayneGold
Wow, Archie is a good therapist. And accurately written. He said a lot of key things that are applicable to many situations and that my own therapist has been trying to hammer in to my own thick skull for months. It was just, eerily well written is all. De ja vu almost to see it on the page. Good job.
3/26/2016 c20 Mari Wollsch
super, hope sequel is up soon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
3/6/2016 c20 2ArdeaSpark
That ending. Brilliant place to end it, but I have to wait a week to find out what happens. Couldn't really see it happening any other way, but I feel so sorry for Rumple. He tried.

Fantastic story, thank you so much for writing it.
3/5/2016 c20 syed
I think August met wit Neal before he came to town, but all I know it was after the clock started. So between that and meeting Neal, he has to have met the dragon and Tamara. Gold says it was only a couple of days after Emma turned up he found young Bae. That seems such a limited time frame for everything to happen. We know Blue was apparently in contact with August, how far was her reach out side of town. Enough to bring him in by her own efforts. If she was aware of the curse, and wanted it, what other precautions could she have set up for herself?
I think that what ever the situation with Bae, will end up with a new for magic. But I think the idea of some going back right now will be pushed far back. Cora might still be trying, but you never know.
We know the guy who wrote the book is aware of the situation, so I wonder if he might be involved in Bae turning up.
3/2/2016 c19 3Vamp-Lynette
Fantastic story.
2/28/2016 c19 2ArdeaSpark
So, it's getting pretty close to the curse being broken and I have questions. Is anyone going to bring magic to Storybrooke? I know Rumplestiltskin did in the show, but here I'd imagine he wants to prove to Bae that he can live without it and being the one to bring it back seems counterproductive, and he also doesn't need it to find Bae which I think he was why he wanted to bring magic to Storybrooke in the first place (that and having the power to go after Regina for what she had done to Belle, but with Bae there I don't think he would do that either - trying to prove he can be better than he was and all that).
I loved that scene between Rumple and Henry - I get the impression that Rumple has a bit of a soft spot for Henry.
I'm looking forward to the next chapter!
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