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3/27/2022 c32 6Firerosemon
hope you update one day
1/14/2022 c32 PhoenixUniverse
I don't usually review. English isn't very easy for me.
But I LOVED this story. The plot, how you write - adventure. I was hooked all time

I very much also like these moments when she singed. All these songs are like story themselves. In so suitamble places of plot.

Hope you continue some day
8/15/2020 c1 CrocodileTeeth
I loved this story! I do hope you continue it one day!
3/23/2020 c10 Maxine
"As he bethrothed..."


I was also, to be honest with you, hoping she'd fall in love with Boromir. Like she'd previously mentioned, he resembled Josh a lot.
3/23/2020 c4 Maxine
"Did she hear bells, or was that his voice?"



Lmao, sorry for this random crazy comment. I do love me some Glorfindel tho.
10/9/2019 c32 7Arwenia
The story is quite good. I love it. I only have two observations. When you describe Legolas, you mention his hair as a black silk. You describe him as black haired. Is this creative addition or is it a mistake. Also the child they will have is described as black haired. Nicole is described as golden blonde.

Also Bregalad was mentioned as the ent who brought her to Mirkwood, but in later chapters she mentions Quickbeam was the one.
I can't wait for the next update.
5/22/2019 c32 Deathherselfie
I suppose there is little hope of you ever updating this but know that here is one mor reader waiting.
5/18/2019 c32 pineapple-pancake
I am so happy to have found this story.
But before I say all my review and comments of your story, I have to say it. Please, please please... finish the story! It has almost been 2 years since you updated and it scares me that maybe you will not do so again.
Done with that, lets proceed with the review.
I have loved your story. It is very creative and sweet and got me rooting for Nicole and Legolas.
I liked when powerful capable women are incorporated to the LOTR stories. Yet when it is done as you did, where the lady is not perfect and makes mistakes, which makes the protagonist more easy to relate too, believable and makes the story more exciting, because I can't really predict what will happen, if sometimes the characters are doing things perfectly, and sometimes they fail.
Also I have liked how you are giving the reader the information about what is happening, beyond what the protagonist experiences. It has been done smoothly, and it has that right balance between keeping the secrets and satiating my curiosity enough so I could understand what was going on, and why all the characters beyond the protagonist where behaving that way.
For instance, I did wonder why Elrond and Gandalf where sending Nicole with the fellowship, I just couldn't figure out, but then I understood the need to send her since she was the one who could accomplish the mission of dealing with Andrew. What I still don't understand fully is why did she let herself being ordered to go with them, since modern people are not used to follow orders unless it suits them, and I would think she knew it didn't suit her at all. Yet it might be that she is inclined to serve for the good of mankind (I get that she is a nurse) and that the attachments she formed while in Rivendell made her not wanting to disappoint them, which is common in parent-child relationships, which argurably Nicole developed with Elrond.
On a different topic, all the part of her capture with Saruman was outstanding. All the characters were well developed and you could understand all the interests involved and why they acted that way, working all perfectly so Nicole wouldn't reveal any critical information, survive enough, cause enough damage to accomplish her mission, and then escape to return our hope that the story would have a happy ending. Although it frustrated me at the moment, I really liked that Nicole couldn't decide to kill Andrew with all the danger he represented, it would be the most practical and efficient thing to do, yet she is not a warrior, she is a kind soul, so she wouldn't do it, clearly a mistake, a defect, that I shall remember that Glorfindel saw in her during her training, but there was no time to fix. So all is coherent and complex at the same time... So cool.
Now for the critics, I think more time skips are in order. You have used them sometimes very wisely, but there could be more, like when she returned from mirkwood, that whole adventure felt to me great part unnecessary to describe for the main story, so I wasn't very interested in paying attention, the orc sorceress seemed to be important, but I think we could do without knowing anything else from that character after the capture. Same thing with the child Anya, that I feel it gets in the way of the romance, so her presence has become frustrating to me, but I also understand that she can't be left abandoned either, yet if she is a mortal, it would make sense for her to be raised by a mortal family, with connections to other mortals so she can marry later, and basically have a normal life. Yet she would need to live in an environment with less prejudice, so maybe a village where people travel a lot, have a lot of commerce. Like Dol Amroth, or the dunedain will suit her better.
10/1/2018 c32 firerosedreamer67
I love this story! A delightful mix of two cultures and coming to terms with life as it is now!...But it has been a year and a month since the last update! Please come back to it!...
4/27/2018 c31 daughterofthechief
Ok I know I've already reviewed this story and whatnot but I keep reading it again because you are an AMaZinG author and I adore this ff. I imagine you're really busy with life and stuff but if you ever get time to update, please please do. You have such talent and a real gift for characterizations. Legolas and Nicole are so cute together especially when he's jealous, it literally makes me smile when I read it. Please update soon xx
4/11/2018 c32 5AkatsukiShizu3
oh nooooooo, Anya why!?
3/16/2018 c32 daughterofthechief
Agh this is such an amazing ff-a really well written story and one of the best I’ve come across on this site. I especially like the relationship between Legolas and Nicole especially when he’s possessive/jealous lmao (I know its cliche). Maybe you could also write any Feanorian/OFC or a Glorfindel/OFC or Feanor/Nerdanel from the Silmarillion ff as I think you’d capture their relationship really well. I know its been a really long time since you’ve updated and probably won’t see this but if you do, please update-you have such talent and it would be a shame not to continue. Pplz plz update xxx
1/14/2018 c32 tadah2
I love the thing!
1/14/2018 c11 tadah2
Aww poor leggy. poor baby Nicole.
9/11/2017 c32 7GingerSpice-8675309
Pleeeeeaaaassseeee update! I read this entire story in two days! O.O
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