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7/26/2016 c2 Rocker on
Please do Ben 10! PLEASE! I want to see how Tony reacts to knowing Azmuth hacked his chatroom! FROM ANOTHER DIMENSION! And to what He'll think of a person who can turn into aliens that don't even exist in his universe, and could turn into a skrull if he came across one, and then potentioly replace him. Wonder if Kevin would get along with Thor... Also, make it just after the whole Agreggor incident.
4/12/2016 c1 Rocker on
Do Ben 10, and have him bring in a bunch of other people, like from HTTYD, and Frozen, and maybe even Star Wars. Tennyson can do a lot when he has a watch that can turn him into aliens that can build machines that rip holes to other dimensions. Maybe bring in a different universe Iron man? And perhaps a certain wallcrawler, with a deep hatred for a certain J. Jonah. Jameson? Whatever you do, keep the story up, and don't quit it till Stark finally discovers NORTON. You would think J.A.R.V.I.S. would know to use it...
4/7/2016 c1 Guest
Percy Jackson series (Leo hacks the system), Harry Potter (magic, duh), 39 Clues (Ekaterinas, hello), HTTYD (I mean, they don't exactly have Internet, but it would be pretty funny to read), RotG (Manny can just be awesome and get the Guardians into the chat), Big Hero Six (the five humans of the group are the ridiculously smart kids right, so how hard is hacking an Avenger's chat), OUAT (sweet baby Thor in a thunderstorm please do OUAT, like maybe magic can just be its awesome magical self, unfortunately "All magic comes with a price, dearie" {Rumplestiltskin})
And that's all I could think of. So in order: Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus series, Harry Potter series, 39 Clues series, How to Train Your Dragon movies, Rise of the Guardians movie, Big Hero Six movie, and Ounce Upon A Time television show.
2/27/2016 c1 4GenderbentDragonRider
Ohmygosh I LOVE TLC, haha wow this is actually maybe the last fandom I figured would be up here... maybe in the next one you can do PJO, where Leo hacks the system... XD
11/30/2015 c1 4Cx3
Ahahahhahahah! :'D
Sooo funny! I really liked this! Specially sinse the avengers were like "I'm sensing relationship troubles" even though they really didn't know them. That was one of me fav parts :)
This was really cute!
11/3/2015 c1 1lunartribute
that was awesome!
11/2/2015 c1 slowpoke
Oohh! I came up with a new one! Michael vey!
10/31/2015 c1 1Yugure no shiryo
TH T is Really fuckin funny dude btw can i be in it? My Name is... KHAAAANNN! Just Kidding. Just call me Nova foe #short
10/29/2015 c1 slowpoke
I don't read that book. But i still like wolf the best! I think. Pendragon? You probably don't read Pendragon. But that would be a pretty good book characters for this. Hobey ho lets go! You will understand one day.
10/27/2015 c1 7GameboyNinjaUltimate Icarus
Oh yeah! This is gonna be funny! You should either Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Super Smash Bros. That would be really funny. Until next time, your faithful reader GameboyNinjaUltimate Icarus, out.
10/27/2015 c1 1redeyeshaman
Damn funny... Nice story dude

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