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for Leviathan Proportions

4/5/2019 c2 deathwearsblack
please update when you can.
10/28/2018 c2 idzipatricia8
More please
12/13/2017 c2 1Shadow Wolf 15846
11/9/2017 c2 1Korin Dragoon
Interesting, a full physical description of Orchid would be nice though, not just the little bits and pieces here and there.

I actually have an OC that looks very similar to your Orchid. She a dragonewt or dragon/humanoid hybrid.
2/25/2017 c2 Kurochach
So she must have been the 7 years old child... Bit how the heck is she half dragon ?!
Hope you update !
1/18/2017 c2 35Padfootette
loved it please update soon
12/23/2016 c2 TitanXyz
So far, you have a very interesting story.
6/29/2016 c1 26917brat
I so love this and would just adore to read more of this.
5/3/2016 c2 Vladimir-Lestrange
I like your story so far I hope you'll update soon.
3/6/2016 c2 aspygirl
Love it! I recently bought a DVD with both Hotel Transylvania 1 and 2 on it!
10/28/2015 c2 2ptl4ever419
Very curious about her story
10/28/2015 c2 26917brat
this does sound interesting though I am really curious as to what is happen and how she become what she did
10/27/2015 c1 2ptl4ever419
Very interesting

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