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for Between Darkness and Light

4/2/2019 c31 Guest
Love this chapter and can't wait for next chapter. Jennifer Baratta
3/25/2019 c30 1baratta.jennifer
Can't wait for next chapter and awesome chapter
3/23/2019 c29 baratta.jennifer
Worth the wait
3/22/2019 c29 ellegirlie77
Yay your back. Thanks for continuing it.
8/21/2016 c28 andria
I hope your grandfather is doing better. I liked how it dawned on emma how to save killian and I really hope it works. glad that david and everyone else is doing good and they still have a chance to defeat hades
8/21/2016 c28 baratta.jennifer
Great chapter
6/26/2016 c27 andria
first of all I am so sorry to hear about your grandpa I hope he gets better and that he is ok. so glad emma rescued killian and liam and I am interested to see what happens when they al get back to storybrooke
6/25/2016 c27 baratta.jennifer
Awesome story and chapters.
6/5/2016 c26 andria
so glad emma is ok and I liked how you confirmed them to be true loves
5/25/2016 c25 andria
I hope emma is going to be and that the flame helps
5/25/2016 c24 andria
holy crap that was intense I cannot believe he would do that
5/16/2016 c24 3CrackedUpVAMPIRE22
You need to post again soon... he really stabbed her? Where is Killian!
5/14/2016 c23 andria
interesting bringing their dad into this I am curious to see how all of that plays out
3/24/2016 c22 andria
I look forward to reading more and see how it goes when they actually see davy jones
3/18/2016 c21 andria
i loved the cliffy at the end
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