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10/24/2019 c1 catspats31
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11/3/2015 c2 Author
God guys. Must you crush my stydia and Maleo dreams I mean seriously. I love the fact that stiles cares so much for malia and it seems so platonic. I mean theo just does shit for malia, like actually teaching her how to drive, that won't benefit him whatsoever. I also ship Scott and malia because she wants to protect her alpha and he wants to a good alpha to her. I'm ranting, but just so you know, ship who you want and help me get over Allison's death. Because that killed me. Literally.
11/3/2015 c2 Guest
you want Malia with a psycho? right...makes sense...

And I'm sorry but Lydia has shown NO romantic interest in Stiles at all.
11/2/2015 c2 5willdawg992003
hmmm i agree theo is sexy as hell but so arrogant though i still like the scene when he took his shirt off on purpose to lure malia
also i wished kira and liam got together but like you said its wierd cause of age difference
i want theo to also date stiles they seem hot together hehehe but i dont see that ever happening
also i want mason and brett together or mason with the chimera who he helped alot that was brought back during finale
11/2/2015 c1 willdawg992003
first i cant stand scott mcCall either im stiles fan first
also their in highschool i never take those relationships seriously plus she moved onto isaac is i dont think scott would try to steal allison from isaac its against guy code
i like kira i think she is cute and i like her with scott their cute for each other i also like stiles and malia together i dont ship stydia at all they dont match together she seems like she is always into strong men and stiles is more of a lover not a fighter jackson and parish are a little bit of a tough guy types that she seems attracted to
her and stiles seems more like bro and sis hehehehehe

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