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for What Are the Odds?

10/30/2020 c8 SusanJ39
Enjoying this story again. Read it ages ago.
11/1/2018 c12 georgiasuzy
I love it! I hope Real Life gives you a chance to return to this story because it's truly enjoyable.
10/4/2018 c12 Guest
Please update soon.
10/2/2018 c1 Gapch
7/9/2018 c12 Guest
Please update soon.
1/25/2018 c12 3Tessaturd
Please continue
12/3/2017 c1 skyates26
please come back to this story I love it
5/21/2017 c12 Guest
Please update soon you just can't leave me waiting and wondering if they work through this mess. Lol
5/11/2017 c12 AZSeaOtter
This is such a great story, hysterical even, I seriously love this side of's like unchartered territory. I hope someday you will continue writing. Thank you so much for sharing.
5/11/2017 c11 AZSeaOtter
Haha, I think the odds were freaking fantastic...but oh is Sookie in for a surprise (and Eric too).
5/11/2017 c10 AZSeaOtter
Nora and Nana are right about Eric buying a house and fast. Moreover, Nana is spot on with Sookie being ticked if she finds out about Eric having Godric infiltrate her computer.
5/11/2017 c9 AZSeaOtter
Eric's "baby" or should I say "babies" dream was priceless! ;)
5/11/2017 c8 AZSeaOtter
Can we really trust her intentions? I don't think some twisted way...I think she's only thinking about herself.
5/11/2017 c7 AZSeaOtter
Holy hell, at least Eric immediately defended and stood up for Sookie.
5/11/2017 c6 AZSeaOtter
Yay! Yay! Yay!
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