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for In Search of Hermione

12/3/2022 c1 Guest
Re read million times and still loved. What a great story
10/11/2022 c1 r2c
Read this story ages ago and since then have read multiple fan fics of this fanfic, unbelievable it is.
10/9/2022 c60 cheese12345
this story was so good! i can't wait for the sequel! <3 thank you for sharing your writing with us!
10/9/2022 c51 cheese12345
i think you wrote draco really well in this chapter! he's cowardly and fearful as in canon, and definitely wants out. but at the same time, he's not willing to risk his own skin to fight, especially not without any reassurances of his and his family's safety. that's why he kept probing hermione, trying to figure out if she's working with the order. he seemed to hope that she would give him another option, the way Dumbledore had tried to. but she didn't offer any of that, so he didn't want to take any more of a risk than lying to his father to give her a little time. i think that makes sense for him, even though i get why a lot of draco fans would want him to help hermione and ron escape. in this story, it makes sense to me why he didn't. the way he said that he wanted out and how regretful and panicked he seemed matches his canon personality very well.
10/9/2022 c47 cheese12345
oh sheetttttt this is a mess omg! omg omg omg
10/8/2022 c45 cheese12345
great chapter! poor ron! the horcrux has really messed up his friendship with harry. and ron feels so guilty that he's pushing himself away from hermione after what happened between them!i want him to forgive himself. I'm not completely sure if i understand what happened in the last scene with voldy. but I'm guessing isabella chastain might be hermione's grandmother, the one who passed down that property to her, so voldemort might know somehow that hermione is alive?
10/8/2022 c44 cheese12345
great chapter!
10/8/2022 c43 cheese12345
nuuuu poor ron is gonna have a rough time with the locket!
10/8/2022 c42 cheese12345
I'm glad that they at least brought up the possibility of the horcrux affecting them like this, even though they dismissed it. hopefully the horcrux won't affect them too much, but I'm getting the feeling that we're going to diverge from canon a bit in that the horcrux is going to cause even more problems this time? anyways, great chapter as always!
10/8/2022 c41 cheese12345
poor ron! the horcrux is targeting him from a distance somehow
10/8/2022 c40 cheese12345
great chapter!
10/7/2022 c37 cheese12345
great chapter!
10/7/2022 c35 cheese12345
great chapter!
10/7/2022 c33 cheese12345
great chapter! i wish Dumbledore had prepared harry and the others to expect his death; in canon and in every fic, everyone is always left feeling blindsided at first.
10/7/2022 c31 cheese12345
great chapter! i really like this fic! i wish more fics like this existed! where either hermione or ron is a slytherin/starts off on the wrong side. i think these kind of fics are so cute!
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