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9/17 c48 1trulove81
Hopefully he's laughing cause he trusts her and not cause he's spiraling again...
9/17 c45 trulove81
I miss happy, loving Ron
9/16 c44 trulove81
I LOVE your theory. (I quickly went and read the other story) Watching the locket do this hurts x_x
9/16 c43 trulove81
Oh my. My poor Ron. Interesting to have it effect him before he started wearing it.
9/16 c39 trulove81
Daaaaamn. That was hot.
9/16 c36 trulove81
Lmao nice
9/16 c34 trulove81
Oooh that was juicy and then frustrating lol
9/16 c27 trulove81
Omg. So I was irrattaed at first, cause I hate anyone flirting with her but Ron. Lol But then it was soooo good. I laughed, then imagined the mortification of the moment for her and oh, it was good. Nice way to get some sexy in.
9/16 c23 trulove81
It's so good. I'm dying that I'm going to have wait till the end of book 7 for kisses, hopefully it's not following that closely lol
9/16 c22 trulove81
Aww that was good
9/15 c14 trulove81
9/15 c12 trulove81
So sad that she's still trying to play this man. Sigh
9/15 c5 trulove81
Aw that was heartbreaking
8/6 c20 Mary
I love you put up a Ron conversation with Dumbledore.
I am loving it.
7/28 c12 Mary
ohh please this is good
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