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for In Search of Hermione

10/7/2022 c31 cheese12345
great chapter! i really like this fic! i wish more fics like this existed! where either hermione or ron is a slytherin/starts off on the wrong side. i think these kind of fics are so cute!
10/6/2022 c26 cheese12345
Everyone complains about how manipulative Dumbledore is but his ways usually work out haha. great chapter!
10/6/2022 c25 cheese12345
great chapter!
10/6/2022 c23 cheese12345
great chapter!
10/6/2022 c20 cheese12345
great chapter!
10/6/2022 c10 cheese12345
great chapter! I'm really enjoying this story so far!
10/6/2022 c9 cheese12345
great chapter!
10/6/2022 c8 cheese12345
great chapter!
10/6/2022 c7 cheese12345
great chapter!
10/5/2022 c6 cheese12345
great chapter!
10/5/2022 c5 cheese12345
ron is too nice to her considering how she treated him!
8/25/2022 c23 lovinghands
the sexual tension .. oh god, i totally get hermione my girl! god im so happy i found this fic! you're an amazing writer, really!
8/9/2022 c60 Slavjnka
Спасибо Вам за потрясающие рассказы! Обожаю пару Рон и Гермиона! Я с Украины и сейчас Ваши фанфики помогают отвлечся от ужаса войны. Если думаете, что Ваш писательский труд ни кому не нужен, то Вы ошибаетесь! Не останавливайтесь на достигнутом, пишите, ведь Ваши фанфики радуют и вселяют надежду во время войны!
4/30/2022 c42 FemaleDoubleAgent
this was so great. im reading this fanfiction for I don't know what time!
3/3/2022 c53 Guest
This rescue/escape should have been easy but they chose to do some unnecessary extra shit
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