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12/13/2015 c17 2ShilenKnight
So now Hermione really learned the most important lesson of her life: how to look at a person. Great chapter. I like this Ron's version, so kind but still painful. How can hermione undone all those poison she splited to Ron. I cant wait to the next chapter
12/13/2015 c17 7Zalini
Nice slow chapter. Especially after what they just went through. It's good to see them both healing each other physically and a little emotionally too. Good to also see Harry involved. I wonder what will be the next hurdle that they have to get over. I guess being honest with each other will help but I will just have to wait until you update to see what transpires next...which I hope will be soon. I'll say it again...great story and great writing so far.
12/13/2015 c17 4elly755
O goodness lots of tension in these chapters! The hospital scenes were great too! Nice chapter!
12/13/2015 c14 elly755
Wow. I intend on reading on, but I just wanted to stop and say that this story is simply incredible. With each chapter I found myself saying oh my god this is great, and they just keep getting better. I actually cried at Hermione's looking back at the memories and the end of this chapter is so beautifully angsty. This is a great work you have here, and I look forward to what is to come!
12/12/2015 c17 Recks21
Wow, what a great follow up to the previous chapter. Finally got a glimpse of the caring and loving sides of our two favorite people. Such a brilliant scenario for them to finally let their walls down and actually show they care about each other. Not to mention the slight sensual touches between them is just too good.

I'm curious to see how Hermione rationalizes everything now that she knows the Order has been telling her the truth the whole time. Which of course could lead to some healing between her and Ron.

I agree with the other comments that Hermione hiding from Draco is intriguing. Hopefully we'll find out exactly what kind of relationship they had. Maybe even some interaction with Draco could lead to finding out exactly what Voldemort wanted from the Grangers and why he ended up having them killed. Personally I'm betting he wanted some from Hermione or for her to do something.

Amazing chapter. Can't wait for more.
12/12/2015 c17 Gogoldel
Harry finally meets captive Hermione. The room of requirement hospital scene was tender one. Of course Dumbledore and his twinkling eyes. That man knows everything. Another epic chapter.
12/12/2015 c17 rhrhan
Awesome! really don't have words to describe how much I love ur way of writing. as nom Hermione knows about her parents it will be interested to know how she will help order and earn ron's trust and eventually falling in love with him
I really want to see Hermione leaving with weasley family under Ron protection.
12/11/2015 c17 1xxkandyangelxx
I really enjoyed this story! I'm not usually a romione shipper but you made me change my mind!
12/11/2015 c17 whdixon63
Very, very well done. Like the others, I also enjoyed how you brought Harry back into it. Now what will Hermione do, besides become closer with our red-haired knight? And how does Ron begin to trust her again? Awesome. And thank you for updating do regularly!

And yes, I've spent way too much time enjoying the exact YouTube video you mentioned. Makes me wish for a Romione audiobook...
12/11/2015 c17 21notsing
Of course Hermione is going to be falling hard for Ron now, because after all who doesn't want a knight, even one in scruffy clothes instead of shining armor? Good save on Harry's part, intercepting Malfoy like that. I'm glad you're including Harry in on this. Will he and Hermione develop a friendship? Now that Hermione knows her parents truly are dead, she's going to have to regroup and rethink. And her reaction to Malfoy was interesting. Thanks for updating.
12/11/2015 c17 10chemrunner57
Great chapter... Nice to see the tenderness begin. Have fun with the slow thawing of their feelings.. it shouldn't be too fast.

Like others I am curious about her reaction to Malfoy. Has she begun to realize that he and her are no longer on the same side? I'm curious if there will be further confirmation of what happened to her family...
12/11/2015 c17 2JeanAndBilius
Loved it! Personally, love the slow pace - build it up!
12/11/2015 c17 nirdoodle
There was a lot happening in this chapter on a number of fronts. It was good to see them trying to heal each other and display a little kindness - a very guarded step in the right direction. A couple of chapters ago I said I was curious about the interactions with Draco and Hermione that led her to agree to deceive Ron. Now, after Hermione's reaction at seeing Draco and hiding behind Ron, I am even more curious about her relationship with Draco. Good to see Harry watching out for Ron but what happened at the end? Great job - as always.
12/11/2015 c17 HeRonLove
That was a great chapter. I see I did get a little fluff. I see he took care of her and she took care of him without an ounce of anger. This was a good baby step in the right direction for them. That was a close call with Malloy. Why was Hermione so scared of Draco that she hid behind Ron even though they were hidden under the invisibility cloak? Will Ron ask her about it? How did Albus know that Harry and Draco were out in the halls? Update soon I love the pace this fic is going.
12/11/2015 c17 davros fan
I loved Rons natural instinct was to put her before himself and heal her first.

And the way she almost called him Ron but cut herself off was great
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