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11/22/2015 c11 1ykickamoocow111
To Recks21. The thing about even canon Hermione is when she sets her mind on something she can be quite dark as well. Think about what she did to Skeeter, kidnapping her and imprisoning her, not to mention blackmailing her later. Then the next year Hermione set Umbridge up, leading her into a trap with the centaurs, a race that in mythology are very very bad to humans. Safe to say Umbridge was not treated well by them. Also have to remember the jinx she put on that paper in OotP, cursing someone without their knowledge, possibly scaring them for life. Then we get into how Hermione used McLaggen to hurt Ron, also using inside information she had on Ron to strike at his insecurities so even in the canon world Hermione is not against underhanded tactics, even against people she loves.

So to that end I am not remotely surprised the Hermione in this story has that vicious streak as well, only this time she does genuinely count Ron as her enemy. She may be attracted to him but he is still her enemy in her mind and as a result I don't think she would have a problem using any tactics necessary to manipulate him and escape.
11/22/2015 c11 Recks21
I agree that may have been the best chapter yet. Everyone's been waiting for them to talk about what happened in the libraryd . Of course, they are both still denying how they really feel and think. I suspected that Hermione would have seen something in Ron's memories by now, but we have plenty of time for that.

Really thought Ron finally got a breakthrough in questioning Hermione's beliefs. He brilliantly laid it out for Her to see. But in typical Hermione fashion she's over thought everything and twisted back to how she thinks. Really concerns me how Hermione might manipulate Ron even further. That she would willing try to play Ron again really show how much of a dark side she really has. Can't wait for more.
11/22/2015 c11 10chemrunner57
Love your story, and having been in a similar situation, your Ron is way too easy on the girl that led him on. I wasn't capable of being in the same room as the girl that did that to me...
11/22/2015 c11 nirdoodle
Great chapter - maybe my favorite one so far. I loved their conversation - it show Ron's deeply held principles of fairness and the way that Ron cannot totally erase his caring nature even for someone who has hurt him so badly. I can partly see that Ron's arguments - coming from a pure blood, albeit a poor one - could be more effective in convincing Hermione. That and of course her attraction to him and his to her.

Hermione sometimes can be too clever for her own good. I hope that she is not able to manipulate Ron into doing something that he shouldn't. Nice cliffhanger.
11/21/2015 c10 whdixon63
Awesome story so far! I can't wait to see how the characters, esp Ron, evolve. Kudos! And I'm eagerly awaiting the next updates :)
11/19/2015 c10 nirdoodle
The pensieve is a very interesting idea. Poor Ron. No more letting your mind wander in class - he is going to have to keep a tight rein on those teenage boy sex fantasies. I guess we all know that is going to be next to impossible. I love that Dumbledore sees that Ron is much stronger than what is apparent to most people. Great chapter.
11/19/2015 c10 Recks21
Oh, this is a delightfully wicked solution. That pensive is about to make things A WHOLE lot more interesting. I can only imagine the memories that Ron might accidently let slip. The library scene of Hermione destroying him HAS to be one of them at some point.

I'm still curious how Dumbledore came to realize the potential between the two of them.

Ok, I have to admit that my mind went straight into the gutter on "Because what Ronald can give her, Harry cannot." Went straight to Bow Chicka Bow Wow for a second, before reeling that back in and going "oh yeah, he means love."
11/19/2015 c9 Recks21
Totally thought I had reviewed this chapter already, but think I may have skipped the post button.

This chapter is really upping the angst between these two. Hermione's isolation and only seeing Ron are definitely starting to fuel her "want". Actually felt bad for her when she said company wouldn't hurt.

Think we all know that "Looks like it's not up to your standards. Well that's all I have." means a lot more.
11/19/2015 c10 21notsing
Well, I like the idea of the pensive better. I assume that Hermione's going to see some memories she really shouldn't at some point. Thanks both for the shout-out and for posting.
11/19/2015 c10 1brighteyes2889
Lol I find it funny that there was so much drama around finding a magical solution to let her hear the lectures when a simple *muggle* recorder could have helped. Too bad about the magical interference.
11/18/2015 c10 1ykickamoocow111
It may have only been a filler but I love this chapter. Your idea in regards to the pensive was brilliant and I can't wait to see how it goes. At first I was imagining Hermione being privy to every thought Ron had during the timeframe but that is not how pensives work so all Ron has to worry about here is making sure he does not go to the toilet during class or make sure he doesn't accidentally include a memory where he is wanking lol.
11/18/2015 c9 mmanjari14
Next update pls!
11/17/2015 c9 7Zalini
Great update as usual as each chapter satisfies my craving for more which has only gotten stronger as your story unfolds. Wish you would just publish the whole darn thing and put me out of my misery lol. Just kidding. All I wish for is timely updates which you do seem to provide. Thanks again for this lovely story so far.
11/15/2015 c9 nirdoodle
It's kind of fun watching the two of them struggling to try and rein in their feelings. Harry knows Ron too well - even if Ron is not ready to confide in Harry. Let the angst continue.
11/15/2015 c9 Guest
This chapter was awesome, showing how they are both in denial and Harry seems to finally have got the nail on the head. So much angst but thats what Hermione and Ron are known for. I wonder who makes the first move
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