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11/15/2015 c9 21notsing
Hey, maybe this will make Ron start taking better notes, or going over them with Hermione and him doing better (not that I really think he's that bad of a student like most people act like he is anyway. In canon, Ron seems to be a solid B, or I guess I should say E student). They should get one of those mirrors like Sirius gave Harry so Hermione can actually listen to the classes. But it would kill her not to be able to raise her hand and show off how smart she is. I'm enjoying this, thanks for posting.
11/15/2015 c9 arnab1995
I love your writing style and this AU is brilliant in my opinion. I really want to read more. I just read through all your chapters one after the other and I'm aching for more. I can sense a dark twist of sorts coming. I'd love to read more. Brilliant work.
11/15/2015 c9 gogoldel
The internal conflicts of Ron and's epic. I was so happy to receive the story update notification in my e-mail. Next installment, eagerly awaited.
11/15/2015 c8 Guest
I am loving your Ron.. He being this brooding, angsty, edgy, hateful, forceful and dominating is just super sexy.. You have brilliantly potrayed Ron here.. Enough of him being a doormat to Hermione's bitchiness in every other fic.. Its a long way to go till this Hermione become worthy of Ron..

Please update soon...
11/14/2015 c8 Guest
OK, I'm really sorry but I kind of hate your Ron. The way he treats Hermione annoys me to no end - I mean her parents just died and she's been kidnapped! If I were Hermione, I think I would've killed him right after he first opened his foul mouth. Still, your writing is perfect and I fell in love with all the other characters.
Keep up the good work!
11/13/2015 c8 mmanjari14
Next update pls! Pretty Pls.
11/12/2015 c8 mfjords
I'm addicted, simple as that ... I like the fact that you write in some clues (the book), that won't make sense until later on. it keeps me, as a reader, intrigued and curious as to what will happen in future chapters. Love it!
11/12/2015 c8 Recks21
Good to see Hermione isn't fighting back at this point. I think being at Hogwarts will be good for her by letting her focus on her schoolwork. Having to travel blindfolded like that could not have been pleasant, but it was telling for Hermione to be so calm about it with Ron escorting her. I kind of expected for Ron to say he was going to stay at Hogwarts and not leave her there all alone.

The tidbits referring to Lavender were unexpected. That could be some interesting drama to include that triangle under different circumstances.
11/11/2015 c8 notsing
Having to led blindfolded would be harrowing. Poor Hermione, she might be in a gilded cage, but it's still a cage. It would be insanely boring and lonely. In this situation, Ron's has to become very important to her. Thanks for posting.
11/11/2015 c8 nirdoodle
I am very curious about why Ron was chosen to be so intimately connected to Hermione as her sole source of interaction and protection. And what is going on with that book? I see you threw Lavender's name into the mix as well although I am hoping we won't be seeing too much of her. Well Hermione is clearly feeling the attraction just when Ron is hell bent on denying it. Nice set up.
11/11/2015 c7 mfjords
Alright, so I just found this story, and it really was love at first chapter! I love this AU, you have created, and I'll be looking forward to upcoming updates! So please keep up the good work, it is a pleasure reading it
11/10/2015 c7 mmanjari14
Can't wait for more! Awesome narrative.
11/9/2015 c7 7Zalini
I like how you are slowly building up the tension between them and even though I understood why Ron did what he did, I am glad that he did recognize his inappropriate behaviour. It all adds to the excitement in the end. Wonderful story so far. Please continue the good work (and the quick updates).
11/9/2015 c7 Guest
Wow such a quick update not that Im complaining. Again this underlines hermiones attraction to him i cant wait for the fire to start burning :)
11/9/2015 c7 Guest
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