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11/9/2015 c7 Guest
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11/9/2015 c7 21notsing
I can see Ron beating himself up over making a mistake. The memory of the library scene was very poignant, especially for me. In history class I once looked up to see a boy gazing at me with pure lust. I sat and watched him, and later I married him. Best decision of my life.
11/9/2015 c7 6Auror Ron Alan Weasley
Awesome! Do update soon.:)
11/9/2015 c7 Recks21
What a great follow up to the previous chapter. There's the side of Ron I expected to see. Interesting to see Ron referring to this darker side of himself. Loved the scene of Hermione getting her school report. This wouldn't be Hermione if she didn't get all excited about school and grades.

Well there's definitely no denying now that deep down Hermione has it bad. She just can't accept that someone like Ron could actually be what she needs. Just more of her high society arrogant upbringing that will just get in the way and make her miserable.

It was a relief to read Hermione's take on the kiss and realize there definitely was no issue on consent. Ron stopping seemed to be her only real issue with it.

Great chapter.
11/9/2015 c6 Recks21
Well I definitely wouldn't have predicted that to happen. I agree that this chapter does have me torn on what Ron did. You'd like to think Ron doesn't have it in him to "assault" someone like that, but then his actions towards Hermione in any universe have always been ones that aren't logical. Of course, you could also say Hermione didn't exactly fight back and even warmed into it. So while I love it for the story, I would hope Ron realizes what he did was wrong no matter what the circumstances.

I am curious about this book Dumbledore had sent to Hermione. The old bat is definitely up to something.

Well Hermione's mind may not be into Ron, but let's just say other "parts" are definitely onboard with the idea.
11/9/2015 c7 nirdoodle
I am happy to see that Ron knows that he crossed a line and is regretful and taking responsibility for his actions. Even though Hermione may be attracted to Ron they both knew that what he did was not right. I would love to see more Harry Ron interaction but that may be outside of what you intend to do in this story. As you know, I am a big fan of your writing so keep up the great work.
11/9/2015 c6 Franklin
There are no consent issues here at all. Anyone who thinks so needs to cry off to Tumblr.
11/9/2015 c7 gogoldel
another solid chapter. nice insight into Hermione's psyche. you can make a billion typos if you update this frequently.
11/9/2015 c6 gogoldel
Another awesome update. I wonder what does that cursed book contains. Next updated eagerly awaited.
11/8/2015 c6 Guest
Oh wow! Nice to see that even though Hermione is a heartless snobby slytherin she is still attracted to Ron and its not a onesided thing. Dumbledore is so obviously up to something as always. Cant wait for the next chapter!
11/8/2015 c6 Guest
A great read thank u thank update PLEASE
11/8/2015 c6 nirdoodle
I honestly don't know what I think about this chapter. I am intrigued by the idea of the book, why Dumbledore would send it to her when he knew what would happen and what lies behind it. But as far as Ron's actions towards Hermione at the end I am uneasy. I know this Ron is OC and Hermione's actions towards Ron in this story have been hateful and ungrateful. Nevertheless, I just can't condone any one taking sexual advantage of another person without their consent. I am hoping this was a momentary outburst and not something that will keep occurring. That aside, a very interesting chapter - I am still looking forward to more.
11/8/2015 c6 Auror Ron Alan Weasley
Dark side of Ron...though it totally OOC but its okay since its a AU fic.
Please update 't for to read the next chapter.
11/8/2015 c6 Guest
That ending was amazing! You never disappoint
11/8/2015 c6 21notsing
This was an interesting chapter, but I have slightly different reasons for saying that then most people. I like canon Hermione, I really do, and she's not exactly a snob, but she IS smug. And I think in canon she does feel like she's better than Ron. I always felt part of her fury in HBP stemmed from her assuming Ron was her own personal savage, and is stunned that another girl not only wants him, but sees him in a totally different light. I always understood why Ron turned to Lavender, part of it was jealousy over Krum, part of it was to 'catch up' with everyone else who had snogged, part of it was to hurt Hermione, but a large chunk of it was because Lavender liked him as he was. Hermione was constantly nagging Ron to do better, and that can not only get exhausting, but makes you feel very small and not good enough. Unlike most HP fans, I think Hermione is as much to blame as Ron in this couple having so much trouble in finally getting together. So with the background you've given her, it's believable that Hermione would be arrogant. Thanks for posting.
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