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12/1/2018 c1 Summ3r710
Bonnie you good
11/8/2015 c1 freckled98
I'm with Stefan their connection is still there and I love it
11/7/2015 c1 aprilf00l
Great fic!
11/2/2015 c1 7ZombieSavior
This was very good. I liked that Bonnie just left and that she denied Stefan, I hate how she gives into him.
11/1/2015 c1 Sweet-MilkHoney
Hmm...this peaked my interest
10/31/2015 c1 Swurve
Liked it
10/31/2015 c1 staytravelin
Gah, this was so good! I wanna know everything. What's is up with Bash and Jax? Why does Damon think that Bonnie isn't happy? How did she come to own a bar in Charming? What is she doing with her life?
10/31/2015 c1 BlueChappy
Simple n nice for the starter!
10/31/2015 c1 8bellavida0213
This was good. You could make this a multi chapter

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