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for So This Guy Walked Into A Bar

1/1/2016 c1 JustHopeForHope
I decided to take a glance at the reviews (You don't have many D: I really love your fics) and I agree with the guest, if you have time, maybe another chapter of the fight would be hilarious xD

The story was wonderful :D thank you! I'm kinda tired with writing reviews because now I'm running out of things to say and saying repeats would be boring. The bounty hunter, Kian, is hilarious for thinking that. Quite strategic, but Zoro's quite loyal (enough, even to stake his own life) so sorry to burst your bubble. There's no way Zoro's a traitor, so uh, goodbye.

But wait...
Joking. Zoro please don't.

I'm rambling.
11/12/2015 c1 Guest
When you have time, a continuation of this would be splendid. It would be absolutely hilarious to see that confrontation!

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