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for The Vasto of White

1/17 c14 Connor Worsnop
hello sir would you care to hear about our lord and savior Shirou
1/15 c60 Kayen1024
This chapter was great. Between Shirou finally talking to Ichigo and people seeing his true character instead of his power and how Shirou rebuffed that know it all asshole Ywhach, I have no complaints.
1/15 c60 FirstThaumaturgy
Some very true words “ His side had an Aizen, and Aizen can make a fool out of anyone.”. Also his side had an Ichigo, and Ichigo can make a fool out of Aizen.
1/13 c60 4gods-own
good chapter
1/11 c60 Jackejsh
1/10 c12 Guest
Bring more of the short stories please
1/9 c60 fahimshahriar871
Battle royale between shirou's forces against yhwach's sternritter, you made a tournament arc in bleach, how creative of you author
1/9 c58 fahimshahriar871
Damn ,man you made aizen much more savage than he was portrayed in the anime
1/8 c59 Guest
Chapter 60: I'm certain that you are to - I'm certain that you are too.
1/8 c60 Guest
Last sentence: Aizen can - Aizen could
1/8 c60 Guest
This is my favorite fanfic please finish this one first than the other one
1/7 c60 63general zargon
Oh man, I'm really hoping that Ichigo and Nel become friends again! That confrontation stabbed me right in the heart and my feels are crying now. ;-; Good luck on your writing!
1/5 c60 Guest
This is really good you should focus on this one instead of the other ones
1/5 c60 1Re-ghal
Good job!
1/5 c5 Chomusuke
The hero of _bullshit_ strikes again.

Damn, why do I hate him so much?
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