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for The Vasto of White

2/17 c31 ZeaZ01
I never thought that Aizen applying for work would be extremely interesting
2/17 c6 Guest
omg did every freakin noble phantasm become his soul weapon?

and hes in bleach were every enemy would have a sword!?

its a good thing besides saving people and cooking shirous is just as lazy as starrk

hes powers are so cooli just kinda hope theres character development and he becomes a king there and makes a Vasto society

im sure if he could grow food from soul society and some entertaimentnt (like rating games from DXD) he could make them somewhat civilized

like vikings

shirou could totally trace bolts of silk for fashion and shit so they could have some color in their life

maybe he could trade with soul society for seeds and animals?

theyd be effectivaly be in the medieval age compared to the futuristic shit soul society got in terms of comfort tho

only plus is not worrying much about hunger or proper sanitation for swedge since spiritual beings dont shit or piss

since every thing is basically spirit energy in a different shape

next thing you know theres a thriving economy
2/16 c8 ZeaZ01
ahahhaa What the fuck was the best response he had xracked me up
2/16 c6 ZeaZ01
Ayo. this story's rating just went up to 10/10 to 20/10 in just a chapter
1/21 c83 Uriel Benjamin
he leído esta historia más dé 4 veces y sólo puedo decir que me encanta y si alguien sabe de algun leyendo de está historia, por favor pasa el enlace, el autor es uno de los qué más sigo y sus historias son siempre entretenidas
1/11 c1 kevinthegoat0304
Man this story is amazing. Its only flaws i would say are silents roll in the story, and bringing back people who should not be alive because it takes away from experience of bleach as a whole. It takes away the feeling of loss, numbing that emotion because a charcter can just be reived. Also the vizard situation is confusing. Apart from that good story, solid 8/10.
12/22/2023 c83 aceking198
Came back to this fic after some years of not reading and it was a blast mostly binging through it. Though as someone who tried reading Fate:Legend before this you clearly have improved much more as a writer compared to when you wrote this fic which took getting used to but as always the ideas in these stories are great and made it enjoyable to read the whole thing anyway! 3
12/22/2023 c83 Rurouni2022
Oh and also finishing the story left me with an empty feeling. I’ve read this a long time years ago back when I first started reading fanfiction and I’ve only recently had the free time to finish it. Thank you for creating it.
12/22/2023 c83 Rurouni2022
It’s been quite a long ride reading this. The story had it’s ups and downs but overall this is one of the best pieces of fanfiction ever. I really hope a sequel will actually happen and the goat Aizen comes back. I also hope that Shirou’s harem finally progresses.
11/3/2023 c83 Gilgamesh50
L silent tbh
I dont get what her role was in all this and tbh if there was ine it didnt do the right thing for me to remeber or care for her tbh
And nel too but still it was a good fic
11/3/2023 c70 Gilgamesh50
Again i dont think Arturia would use her sheat for jushiro?
I mean is there a reason?
They arent even allies of shirou so why would she use it?
11/3/2023 c67 Gilgamesh50
Instill dont agree with or like the character “Silent” i just dont like the idea it sounds dumb
But wel just that doesnt take from the fic which is awesome Great Chapter
10/18/2023 c15 megamindwriter
Started out so strong, I was deeply interested. And it became even bad as the story progressed. Some Masaki lives, unnecessary. Then Kaien, even more unnecessary. Then somehow the timeline is fucked up cause the Vizard incident never occured!?

Disappointing to say the least. Stopped reading here. Plus the fight scenes were quite lacking, lacking a lot of descriptions.
10/17/2023 c83 lovedalton
Looking forward to book 2
10/12/2023 c83 NavyZero8745
Nooooo, after all that we get no romance WTF come on bro Tier and Nel doing their best but still didn't get their mans yet, dammit shirou and your plot armor level denseness.
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