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3/13 c75 26Cyricist001
Great chapter.
3/13 c75 Jack1nTheBox
Next update is fate stay cooking?! heck yeah!

also, a nice chapter, i can't help but wonder how this is going to end though...
3/13 c75 2Zanark Sathanus
I really love that for once kisuke and the shinigami will judge because of their actions and mistakes they need to understand that with every actions there’s a consequence
3/13 c75 Dasgun
3/13 c75 3rick12
Well, that was nice.

Lille is absolutely destroyed by the Zanpakuto Spirit of Fragarach when Coyote in her Fenrir form provoked him into using his strongest attack (and bringing out Fragarach when he did so), and what remained of him is absorbed by Silent (Masaki). He was already dead the instant he began to use his strongest attack. That's two of Yhwach's Upper Echelons dead for good.

The Shinigami are nothing more than fodder to the Hollows and Quincies, they can do nothing but stay on the sidelines, and this bothered them a lot. Kaname comes in and attacks the drained Zero Division, intending to viciously kill them for allowing a disgusting "just" system to exist and that they uphold it. They were the ones who let his friend's killer go free without repercussions, and now Kaname is going to get his revenge on them for his friend. Of course, Sajin and Gin stopped him from killing Ichibei, with Kisuke saying that they need the drained Zero Division as vessels for the Soul King's power, despite their foolishness. Kaname was not impressed by this, saying derisively that power should be with the righteous, not the hypocritical. Kisuke thought that Kaname was referring to Sosuke, but the blind man was not referring to the treasonous man. Kaname stated that he wasn't talking about Sosuke, not saying that he believed that power should be with Shirou.

Kaname left, but not before saying that this isn't over. Kisuke thought about what Kaname said, but frowned and dismissed it for now. He was already being drained from using Benihime's Bankai extensively trying to heal the wounded Shinigami, so he needs to make a plan to help themselves. Soi Fon states that either the Hollows or the Quinces consider them second course, and doubts that they can go merry-happy. The Zanpakuto Spirit of Avalon disagrees, saying that they can go merry-happy on their way. She reaffirms this in front of Soi Fon's doubts. Retsu says that they can't take assumptions, already unbraiding her hair. Soi Fon agrees with her.

Kisuke then tries to come up with a plan. He saw certain principles coming to light after his analysis regarding the energy readings of the Vasto of White and his own observations of the former Hueco Mundo. There was also his data concerning Sosuke, and some latest theories regarding Yhwach. Everything from her was dependant on who will come out on top during this conflict, or rather who he wanted to come out on top. He believed it was best to allow the Hollows to eliminate the members of Yhwach's Upper Echelon before moving in on the big players. Kisuke took out a few items that we don't know about and distributed them to those around him, having already made a plan, or at least a plan that is makeshift and will not get them killed.

The Zanpakuto Spirit of Avalon saw this and only sighed in disappointment from what Kisuke and the Shinigami are doing. She monologues that in time, they (the Shinigami) will see what she's talking about and see the error of their ways and views. From this, we already know that Kisuke and the Shinigami will fail miserably in their plan. It seems Kisuke is forgetting that Sosuke is very likely watching over his little planning with the Shinigami, and has already made countermeasures for them. Not only that, Shirou will easily react to what they'll try to do since they're in HIS world, not to mention that his followers will come upon them like stank on shit if they try anything stupid. Kisuke and the Shinigami are fools, and they'll learn the hard way. This world's balance means nothing to the Hollows, and Shirou doesn't care about said balance. Kisuke is a fool for even daring to think that he has a chance against Shirou, when he doesn't. Shirou is a threat to the world balance when he's not doing anything malicious? Get that shit out of here, Kisuke, that's the mindset of an idiot who's unable to see the bigger picture and the true character of a person.

We'll just have to wait and see next chapter, especially since this story is about to come to an end soon. This story has like, four or five chapters left?

Great chapter as always, Parcasious. Hope to see more~.
3/13 c75 TaidaNaeko
Yes fate stay cooking
3/13 c75 Mythic Imagination
Incredible chapter as always Parcasious. I’m eager to see what happens next
3/12 c75 Guest
The Vasto of white is one of my favorite stories written by you can't wait for you to update again.
3/12 c75 1NNathann
Another great chapter! Love it and can’t wait for more! Also I love that you’re updating Fate Stay Cooking again! One of my favorite stories written by you!
3/12 c75 PasiveNox
Great chapter wonderful
3/12 c75 xXwolfsterXx644
Great chapter dude I definitely Can't wait for the next update
3/12 c75 EANID
Thanks for the chap
3/12 c75 Lawoi
3/12 c75 Vinny13
Loved this. Though kinda pissed at kisuke for planning on killing the hollows once they take out the quincy
3/12 c75 Bucio
It was great to see Coyote and her second stage, Fenrir, with really overwhelming power, being able to hurt Lillie (although not permanently), but having the same or similar problems that Ichigo had wth his Bankai and not being used to everything that power, allowing Lillie to hurt her and provoking him enough to use his strongest attack, which Lille does, triggered by Coyote's attacks and Silent's presence, which Coyote takes advantage of to use Fragarach, with that Noble Phantasm, eliminating Lille to destroying him and his energy being absorbed by Masaki.

While we see the confrontation between Tosen and the Zero Squad (and I would almost bet that Shisui thinks the same as Tosen, seeing how they were going to sacrifice his best friend), where we see Ichibei do a Dumbledore (justify the death of Tosen's friend as a sacrifice for the greater good), and being only saved by the intervention of Komamura and Gin, with Tosen leaving (and a certain phrase of his shows that he now trusts Shirou more than Aizen)

Also the Kurosaki can no longer stay on the sidelines, with Isshin and Karin going to help Ichigo protect Masaki (by the way, will she be able to use the abilities she absorbed from the other Quincy? like Lille's ability or The Jail ; that and if his presence will force Yhwach to decide whether or not to absorb the rest of his soldiers power to prevent their energy from being absorbed by Masaki).

As for the rest, again we see the Shinigami overwhelmed by the situation and relying on the Hollows, feeling that they are next, and with Kisuke perhaps planning for the Hollows and Quincy to wear each other out, to then do something for his side (Shinigamis), even with Unohana seeming to be willing to fight at her true power and Kisuke plotting something again (I hope it's not making the Zero Squad absorb Masaki's power or putting her at risk, as that would earn them the enmity of the Kurosaki and Shirou, who considers Silent as one of his own).

Just this once, I hope that Aizen is able to predict and counter Kisuke's strategies, that and that Avalon, disappointed by the attitude of Kisuke and the others, secretly warns Shirou that the Shinigami are up to something.

Good luck and keep it up
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