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9/11/2022 c83 Zeratul360
I absolutely love your stories. But I hate the emotions that they make me feel. I don't know why others feel otherwise, but I think that most of the stories that you've made are the best that I've seen in the 9 years that I've been reading fanfiction.
9/11/2022 c83 victor strongman
I got chills its finally over and it's just begun eeeee im so excited
9/11/2022 c20 Nine To One
Congrats on another story finished! Considering just what kind of story Bleach is the ending is certainly fitting lol. Guess Ichigo's peace isn't gonna last for long.
9/11/2022 c83 dwdadw33
This foreshadowing
This tension
I love this
And i love your works
9/11/2022 c83 1tagne7brice
Merci de tout mon cœur
9/11/2022 c83 1PanickingNoob
Well that was another great story though the last part really make me wonder if there a continuation or not
9/11/2022 c83 santiagovillamizarcrv
thank you very much for writing I would have expected Harribel or Nel or even Coyote in 5 years to take a step in the direction of what you want. but well I guess it's a short time for them especially after the "change"

how strong thank you for this fantastic trip. another fantastic closing which makes room for more of your fantastic story. that although some of them are not my style does not mean that they are not very darlings
9/11/2022 c83 Bico Hertz
That was a fun read

Thanks :D
9/11/2022 c83 Bucio
And so this part ended, and I say this part, because given certain things you mention (such as what Shirou saw on the Moon - I knew it would not be the last we would see of Him -, Kisuke and Yoruichi mentioning "them", and the mention of the people of the West, plus the title at the end of the chapter), and that the symbol of the complete story is not in the fic, which makes us think that there is even more.

Well while a new order, there was something vague about it with Avalon, Earth, and Hell being the new division (at least in that part of the earth), maybe with the people of Burn the Witch, traveling east to investigate what happened

Also seeing how fractured the factions of Ex Hollows and Shinigami were, with the more seasoned Spirits as part of the Espadas in the Bleach Canon, they continue to hunt the Shinigami, who are divided into neutrals, conservatives, and those who seek a fight (aka, Kenpachi and his minions)

While on Earth, Masaki and her family and friends, now being part of the Quincy faction (led by her), as well as seeing the Shiba again: Ganju, Kukaku and Kaien (free from his Hollow part, I guess) in good relationship with the Kurosakis, and Ichigo, of all people, being Nel's wingman, who is still in competition with Harribel and Coyote, for Shirou's affections.

Who enjoys a quiet life in the equivalent of Fuyuki in that dimension, in the temple where his friend Issei lived, and accompanying him Stark, Lilynette, Coyote, Harribel and his fraction, and Nel and her minions (the only thing missing was to see there, at ever loyal Brans), perhaps in an illusion of calm, before the people from the West arrive (perhaps Aizen could warn Shirou of the impending danger)

Anyway, thanks for the fun and entertainment you gave us through this idea and we keep reading, in your other fics, and maybe the continuation of this fic (with Shirou maybe meeting a different Arturia, maybe her Lancer version being the one in the world of Bleach, so Nel and the others still have a hard time in their competition for Shirou)

Good luck and keep it up
9/11/2022 c83 CheeseBandit
I'm glad I found this work of art long ago, I'm kinda sad it ended, but happy to see you come all this way. Thanks for your inspiration, though I have to work out the kinks in my writing, but I will attempt to make a name for myself one day. Thanks again for the story, I'll be waiting for the next story. Good luck mate.
9/11/2022 c83 ThisIsStorm101
Good ending.
Excited for the sequel.
9/11/2022 c83 Mythic Imagination
Wow. I had expected Shirou to force some sort of ultimate resting place to go along with his broken ideals, but forgot this Shirou is different. I like you ended the story where while the story ends with a different world structure, life continues on.

I have to say Parcasious, you’ve done an absolutely incredible job with the story. It’s been truely a privilege to have watch The Vasto of White unfold, and admire your dedication and commitment to your work. I am very eager to see how your other incomplete stories unfold. Hope you have an enjoyable day.
9/11/2022 c83 wd12091111
Oh shit, it's done
9/11/2022 c83 Trinix8
amazing story
9/11/2022 c83 Kanon
I expected a nice ending. It was nice. BUT IS THAT AN OPEN CLIFFHANGER I READ HERE?

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