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9/12/2022 c83 Tommy298
oh wow, didn't even know a sequel would be possible
9/12/2022 c83 evilstatistic19
Great chapter looking forward to the next one
9/12/2022 c83 Guest
This was an amazing story and I’m looking forward to the sequel.
9/12/2022 c83 ShineX
Very good end :)
9/12/2022 c83 XXX Chaos Breaker XXX
I read this when it first came out and now it ending. Overall this is a amazing story that was done really really well.
My only real problem with this story was that it ended up following bleach story pattern with amazing accuracy, the first thirty chapters was peak overall story and then it felt like it was a speed run to the ending. Not saying that there wasn’t other amazing chapters after thirty, it was just that the story pacing started really picking up and cool ideas were passed over to continue to the ending of the story which is sorta normal for long stories.

I am 100% sure you will do a burn the witch story really well but I honestly dislike burn the witch because I never seen another fandom cope so hard to have one-shot story make any sort of sense. I really wished that kubo just made burn the witch as stand-alone story instead of tying into bleach canon and just abandoning it with nothing to support the tie end other then say so, anyway DRAGON TALES with WITCH WAIFUS LETS GO!
9/12/2022 c83 40MementoMori115
This story had it's highs and it's lows, and although I feel as if the final 'arc' got somewhat inconsistent and jumbled, I still enjoyed it overall. The deaths of certain characters were to be expected, though I feel that certain issues were left unresolved or only briefly mentioned before being ignored entirely.

Although I feel as if the final line during Shirou's scene could have been more ironically appropriate given the prior mention of food.

"Even as the years go by and the balance of the world changes, one thing is for certain; hunger is always the enemy."
9/12/2022 c83 777torn777
Such a fun story. I’ll miss it
9/12/2022 c83 Tyrant Carmnine
Quest Complete~
9/12/2022 c83 1The Beast of Sanity
I just wanted to say that it was a pleasure to be along for this journey. As per usual I enjoyed reading your story. Just from consistent updates alone you are by far my favorite author on this site. I never really have been a fan of bleach but even I could enjoy the world of it through your writing. I wish you the best and can’t wait for your next story.
9/12/2022 c83 Dasgun
9/12/2022 c83 Bakuto Masaki
And thus another of your stories has earned it's Completed Tag. But that last bit makes me think this will be getting a Sequel.
9/12/2022 c83 killroy225
Wait, so is there going to be a sequel story or will it continue in this story? Honestly can't wait to see where it goes either way!
9/12/2022 c83 3rick12
Well, that was one hell of a ride.

Even with a new world balance in place, life goes on as usual, just with Hueco Mundo and the Seireitei gone completely. Shirou is living at the Ryudo Temple in a parallel city to Fuyuki with those who follow him (Coyote, Nel, Harribel, and their respective former Fraccionnes). Aizen is alive, the bastard smiling with the moon rippling. Shirou will definitely see that.

The west (Europe Soul Society) is about to get involved? Interesting. This Knight King. Could it be a reborn Artoria?

A sequel is already in the works, huh? Awesome.

Great epilogue, Parcasious. Hope to see the sequel~.
9/12/2022 c83 1R-king 93
Awesome chapter
9/12/2022 c83 Midnight49
Now this was a perfect end for the East side of the Spiritual World. Shirou finished his job, now what’s Artoria gonna do?
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