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for The Vasto of White

10/18/2023 c15 megamindwriter
Started out so strong, I was deeply interested. And it became even bad as the story progressed. Some Masaki lives, unnecessary. Then Kaien, even more unnecessary. Then somehow the timeline is fucked up cause the Vizard incident never occured!?

Disappointing to say the least. Stopped reading here. Plus the fight scenes were quite lacking, lacking a lot of descriptions.
10/17/2023 c83 lovedalton
Looking forward to book 2
10/12/2023 c83 NavyZero8745
Nooooo, after all that we get no romance WTF come on bro Tier and Nel doing their best but still didn't get their mans yet, dammit shirou and your plot armor level denseness.
10/11/2023 c33 NavyZero8745
I am so confused
10/11/2023 c83 growcraft95
For The Blackened King,
This Fanfic was made way before Thousand Year war arc and CFYOW arc. So, of course some information will be outdated or the author need to use their own way to make the story.

Tho, Hueco Mundo being created by Shirou in this Fic is actually pretty likely. From this fic, i think we can theorize that The Soul King himself is the one who brought Shirou and reincarnated him into the Bleach world. Seeing that with Shirou, Soul King could make a much better ending in this timeline rather than the current Bleach Timeline. While, this timeline has it's drawback with that the human world become a massive battlefield for the current Soul reaper and former hollow. But it balance with the fact there is now a True Heaven on Bleach and there are no more people turning into hollow because of Avalon.

For me, this fic is creative take on Fate/Bleach Crossover. Of course, there are still part that's feel wrong or off. But hey, the author deliver a satisfying story that's doesn't drag on from start to finish and give a fitting conclusion for this fic. I just hope with the saying there is a sequel with 'Burning the witch' (another Tite Kubo creation). The author can improve and wrote more interesting story. And honestly, it is really rare to see this kind of quality story of a fanfic.
10/4/2023 c56 7Ballin' And Can't Get Up
There's a lotta info here that's objectively untrue. Kamishini No Yari does destroy cells, but it wouldn't just erase Lille, especially when considering how his Schrift works. As well as this, Lille opening his eyes means that no attack can land. Even Shunsui, someone likely even faster than Gin, couldn't land any good hits. Or hits at all. Adding on to this, Yamamoto's original Bankai was explosive flames that burst forth. The one you used for Prime Yamamoto is his changed Bankai. Moving forwards, Kenpachi's Zanpaku-to spirit is Yachiru. The one used by you is a non canon one from a filler episode of Bleach. Anyways. Hueco Mundo was created by the Soul King, using the corpses of the first Menos and Hollow. Also, I would suggest reading CFYOW and SAFYW, because without the knowledge those books provide, you made a load of mistakes. Other than this, however, I really enjoy this.
9/23/2023 c83 Astraark
I took me one week to read this... It was completely worth it!
9/8/2023 c79 Danan01
I once sought to forge the ultimate blade.
Not a sword that cuts through flesh, bone, or the living.
I sought a blade that terminates enmity...
A blade that severs bonds, severs certainty, severs karma.
That is to say, to free one of one's fate.

Uncountable years of toil to reach this place.
Forging thousands of swords to create a barrow of blades.
Many paths, converge here.
Enduring desires, flow here.
Unjust deaths, gather here.
My whole life has been for this single swing.
9/8/2023 c77 Danan01
In this chapter Shirou really does become Muramasa
9/8/2023 c76 Danan01
This is why Askin is my favorite Quincy lol I know he's an antagonist but you can't help but love the guy. He had a great fight against Kisuke in canon
9/8/2023 c75 Danan01
Kisuke the rat bastard lol
9/8/2023 c74 Danan01
I love this story. Really shows just how powerful the fate series is. People underestimate fate all the time but it really is one of the most OP verses out their
9/4/2023 c68 2hupedia
Some of the quincy bowing at the attack going by had me cracking up, it really is on brand with some of them.
8/28/2023 c83 Boogeymen
finally! already finished...

it's a long journey!

overall 9.3/10
I'm satisfied
8/21/2023 c83 TruthOnlyReader
Read this from chapter one to the end, what a journey this was. The story is the best bleach fanfiction I have read up to date. Ignore the criticism and read all of this. I highly recommend it.
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