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for The Vasto of White

5/19 c77 Argonaut986
Shirou isn’t one to let allies fall without retribution.
5/19 c77 Guest
I see we're getting to the really good stuff now can't wait.
5/19 c77 1keybladelight
So shirou has is own bankai that cool
5/19 c77 4Dragon lord Syed 101
good chapter I still have no idea what is going on maybe if I was a bleach fan
5/19 c77 Bucio
It wasn't bad.

We first see Askin being trolled by Szayelaporro, with both of their abilities ending in a draw, as Granz's intention is not to win but to prevent Askin from interfering.

Later, we see that the battle between Shirou and Yhwach is still tied, which they both understand, and when the Emperor of the Quincy calls one of his Minions, Valkyrie, to help him, he is blocked by Baraggan, who prepares to face him, which leaves Shirou free to continue dealing with Yhwach; and being in that battle where we will see the Resurrection, Second Stage of Baraggan.

And not only from him, apparently, because Shirou asks Aizen for help, to buy time to do something to balance the fight in his favor, with Aizen accepting, and with Shirou using what would become the conceptualization of UBW in a Zanpakuto/Resurrection, and unleashing his power to create a weapon to defeat the Soul King's son, which from the description in Shitou's mind, reminds me of a certain Muramasa Sword, the Tsumukari.

While that happens, let's see who finishes first as energy snack for Masaki: Askin or Valkyrie

Good luck and keep it up
5/19 c77 DeadParade
Wow!, So Muramasa sword? "One slash that severs time and space, and even fate."
5/19 c77 777torn777
Anyone else cheering for Aizen? Just me? Ok hehe
5/19 c77 Spellflame
… He can forge zapangtu!
Oh wow
5/19 c77 Josh Foster1
So keep at it take a break if you need to we can’t blame you. if any fanfic Author deserves one it is you. we don’t want to see a quality drop in your books. the amount of things people can read of yours is a long time worth of stories.
5/19 c77 Josh Foster1
Dude your job is extremely important as well
5/19 c77 7Gaim no Kaze
Is that Tsumukari Muramasa? It is isn't it? You're recreating Shimousa's final scene?
5/19 c77 Dasgun
5/19 c77 Alice Fairchild
Thank you for the update.
Loving the story!
5/18 c77 KnightR1
The Goosebumps when EA words came out of nowhere
too bad it wasn't,
5/18 c77 Justsomerandomhuman
FGO Muramasa's blade is imperfect, but I have a feeling this Shiro can create the perfect version of it. I can't wait to see what kind of sword he will forge.
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