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5/18 c77 Null-polaris
So shirou is making senji noble phantasm
5/18 c77 YoseiOfTheWest
Hey. Hey hey hey hey hey hey HEY! Did that just happen?! DID YOU JUST-?! OIII! Are you for real?! That is so cool! Afsgdjkfldld I am speechless wtf that is AWESOME :DDDD
5/18 c77 4Voidborne II
Holy crap, he’s going to create Tsumukari Muramasa.
5/18 c77 2Mugen-Muse
I imagine that what Shirou is doing would be quite a sight for anyone to witness.
5/18 c77 StayBlessed
Aye man, just update when you can. Thank you for even taking the time to do so. We get to read this awesome story for free, and have no right to complain. This chapter was awesome. Thank you for the update, and I look forward to the next one,.
5/18 c77 Mythic Imagination
Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, chapter was really exciting! Is Shirou going to create Muramasa’s desired katana or something else? Man I can’t wait to see what happens next!
5/18 c77 rafaeleyf10
his own np rank Ex

5/18 c77 reaper200851
Don't worry you still update more often then most people.
5/18 c77 2brandt128
Ah, Muramasa will sing.
5/18 c77 Wicked.A
Very nice chapter
5/18 c1 JWBernZ
BaragganResureccion Segundo Etapa: The Bell of Evening Tolls Thy Name"
5/18 c77 FrancoisDuComte
aizen and shirou'd be banginn tae end innit?
dammit OP but t'way ye write them makes me think so.

u've got guts OP.
fer strayin' from tae well worn harem-king path
yev got a lots a guts
5/18 c77 sr Qrow black
saber cuando?
5/18 c77 3rick12
A lot of things are happening in this chapter, and I love it.

It seems Shirou is going to create Sengo Muramasa's sword, a sword that cuts through fate and laws. I feel like he hasn't truly used his Resurreccion yet, not to mention Segunda Etapa. Szayel stalling Askin with clones of the latter, said clones being more fine-tuned and perfected as the Quincy shows more of his abilities. Shirou and Baraggan have come a long way. Baraggan will deal with Gerald while Shirou and Aizen deal with Yhwach.

This is getting more awesome by the minute. Wonder what the others are doing.

Great chapter as always, Parcasious. Hope to see more~.
5/18 c77 4korrd
I kind of imagine Gilgamesh just sitting back and watching like he did in the Solomon movie while all this is going on.
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