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for The Vasto of White

6/4 c61 1orion0905
You bastard, your making me cheer on Aizen of all people.
6/3 c32 orion0905
You have Mundo be Shiros world. He is not the king like Barragan but the god of that world. He was probably eaten by a hallow while protecting some kids.
5/25 c83 kkyle814
Still waiting for the continuation of this story
5/25 c12 Guest
... is this what i think it is... harem again? damn
5/15 c11 2000str
talking swords are lame can't continue
5/6 c83 AchillesI
The story was perfect!
4/21 c71 Gear master
Good shit
3/29 c5 Dunc4
So shirou destroys an entire army and then suddenly can’t kill one guy because he has to save everyone? The double standard of refusing to kill named enemies “because it would be wrong” while happily killing minions by the hundred is one of the most frustrating tropes in Shonen.
3/8 c4 Ash-crafter
3/6 c81 1kailol
there is one quote that gave me trauma here...
"i have never known defeat"
"I am melenia, balde ofe Miquella and i have never known defeat"
2/26 c36 bige2613
PJO God of Forge hephaestus (Shirou)
2/24 c83 3SilverXSilver
Man, I just finished reading, and wow what a ride. I can't say I understood everything since Fate lore has always been confusing as hell for me, but this was a genuinely amazing story you've created here. I don't know if you plan on going forward with a part 2 with that "Burn the Witch: Legends of Pendragon" line at the very end, but should you choose to do so, know I'll be there to check it out in a heartbeat. Great Job!
2/24 c83 mmfoeller5
This was so good thank you for this truly the goat of the site
2/23 c83 4Maglad
I really enjoyed it, though I was sort of expecting Rin to teleport in, grab him by the ear and start shouting at him about how long it took her to find him.
2/19 c82 Guest
Should have killed Kisuke
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