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5/18 c77 Two Fingers
Sōsuke Aizen… feeling alive and, dare I say it… happy? Well, now I’ve seen it all…
5/18 c77 Terracotta Tortilla
Great chapter. I really did think he was going to bring out Ea for a second.
5/18 c77 RoyalTwinFangs
Very nice chapter.
5/18 c77 8Jebest4781
This was great. Can't wait for more when possible.
5/18 c77 13Ultimate Warrior of Zera
When it is all over, it would be awesome if Shirou replaces the Soul King with Rhongomyniad, turning the lance into the Tower that anchors the world. Even better, since Shirou can bring weapons to life, the lance could become the Lion King and be a Soul King that is active, not in stasis.
5/18 c77 4DaDragon562
Oh snap is shirou about to forge muramasa's one true wish, the blade that can cut fate and even karma itself?
5/18 c77 2shubhendu dutta
Another great chapter
5/18 c77 37kyugan
A sword that severs fate eh?
Muramasa Intensifies
5/18 c77 psp reader
muramasa np? nice
5/18 c1 Christian Bernardino
Shirou is going to forge Senji Muramasa's Sword isn't he
5/18 c77 Christian Bernardino
Shirou is forging Senji Muramasa's Sword isn't he
5/18 c77 deathreapsonce
Oh fuck... I didn't even Realize that Shirou hasn't used his ressureccion.

He's really leaning into him being Sengo Muramasa, huh...
5/18 c77 Vinny13
Finally we see barragan again! And shiro new attack sounds just like muramws’s noble phantasm so that sounds good! I’m actually looking forward to seeing the soul reapers and ichigo again. I’m particularly hoping to see Avalon again or to see ukitaka wake up.
5/18 c77 gerson
Oh damn this is getting to places holy crap! And take your time dude your job is important otherwise how will you feed yourself and pay bills
5/18 c77 1NNathann
Szayelaporro’s fight was awesome! I like how you showed his personality in battle in contrast to Askin’s. The development between Shirou, Aizen, and Baraggan from the story’s beginning towards its end is superb! The ending of the chapter got me hyped! Great chapter and can’t wait for more updates!
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