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4/21/2023 c71 Gear master
Good shit
3/29/2023 c5 Dunc4
So shirou destroys an entire army and then suddenly can’t kill one guy because he has to save everyone? The double standard of refusing to kill named enemies “because it would be wrong” while happily killing minions by the hundred is one of the most frustrating tropes in Shonen.
3/8/2023 c4 Ash-crafter
3/6/2023 c81 1kailol
there is one quote that gave me trauma here...
"i have never known defeat"
"I am melenia, balde ofe Miquella and i have never known defeat"
2/26/2023 c36 bige2613
PJO God of Forge hephaestus (Shirou)
2/24/2023 c83 4SilverXSilver
Man, I just finished reading, and wow what a ride. I can't say I understood everything since Fate lore has always been confusing as hell for me, but this was a genuinely amazing story you've created here. I don't know if you plan on going forward with a part 2 with that "Burn the Witch: Legends of Pendragon" line at the very end, but should you choose to do so, know I'll be there to check it out in a heartbeat. Great Job!
2/24/2023 c83 mmfoeller5
This was so good thank you for this truly the goat of the site
2/23/2023 c83 4Maglad
I really enjoyed it, though I was sort of expecting Rin to teleport in, grab him by the ear and start shouting at him about how long it took her to find him.
2/19/2023 c82 Guest
Should have killed Kisuke
2/18/2023 c1 1Yachiru1
So did he put all the leaking pressure into the swords? Because it would be a decent way to help them. They could also learn to take back that energy slowly into their body to help control it. Just my opinion but nice
2/16/2023 c54 Guest
you could call this chapter a ginterlude.
2/14/2023 c83 RaGex
Reread it a second a time, and I’ve noticed a few plotholes throughout the story that’d take to long to list, and some poetry-like storytelling that often bogged down fight-scenes during the TYBW arc. Though I’d probably also put the blame on the Bleach source material for how messy things got towards the end as well.

As for the relationships between Shirou and the main female Hollows, I’d hoped that there’d be more personal dialogue between them like in ch53, but was put aside to focus on TYBW which is fair I guess. At least they were living together with Shirou at Ryuudou Temple.

I was also hoping that characters like Ichigo would play a more fundamental role, but they didn’t get the parts to flourish as much.

Still though, overall I enjoyed the read. Hopefully you can look over the reviews and take them into consideration to improve your writing in the future. I look forward to more of your stories in the future! Cheers!
2/8/2023 c3 2Shigeraki
I honestly thought this was going to be the standard drop Shirou in and see what happens, but im mostly wrong. Since we are currently seeing what happens when you drop Shirou in and do whatever you did to him. I actually enjoy this version of Shirou. Especially since this new version of him has some new abilities that kinda make sense.
2/6/2023 c83 ManticoreBlues
I loved the fanfic. the end felt like it was rushed and there was a lot of ass pulls, alot of relationships didn't go anywhere in the end and I wish the fate weapons got more focus and time. while I'm glad ichigo got an appropriate amount of screen time I also feel like the only thing he did was to repeatedly be indecisive in what to do before doing something.

overall this was one of my favorite fanfics, especially finished ones. and I'd love to see a sequel made of you think you can and are up to it wether it continues from where with left off, goes down the possible artoria route before coming back around, goes into the fate verse or whatever you may or may not decide.
1/29/2023 c83 Betoran
Such a great story, finalmy came to an end.

Do not worry about our views, whoever lives or dies in YOUR story is your own decision AND if no one expected or wanted it? It just give it its own flavor.

So, anyway. Thank you very much for making and finishing this story. Really loved it and REALLY loved the whole Quincy Arc.
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