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1/25/2023 c83 RaGex
Was looking for crossover fanfics with Bleach that were really good a few days ago. Was not disappointed at all. Thank you for sharing your writing to those beyond. I might indulge in some of your other works too when I have free time.

And, I wish the best of luck to you for the future. Good luck!
1/25/2023 c47 MetallicWolf-FN2004
This is my rough estimate of the Espada rankings:

10th Espada: Brans- Due to him being a original character and said to have become a vasto lorde, but had only one fight scene that he lost.

9th Espada: Sun-Sun- She is roughly on par with Mila Rose and Appaci however she (to me at least) is slightly weaker as she is smarter and not a guns blazing like the other franccion.

8th and 7th Espada: Mila Rose and Appaci- interchangeably between the two.

6th Espada: Aaroniero- has a wider range of abilities and larger reitsu reserves.

5th Espada: Ulquiorra- Has achieved Segunda Etapa and has large reserves of Reitsu. Has an attack that destroy Los Noches that can be fired multiple times in succession.

4th Espada: Grimmjow- Has achieved Segunda Etapa. Became a vasto lorde before Arrancar transformation so it can be argued that he is now stronger than Ulquiorra as he was able to fight Askin in the original timeline when he was an adjuncas arrancar and rivalled the power of a vasto lorde.

3rd Espada: Tier Harribel- same rank as in canon. Roughly Grimmjow’s match but slightly stronger due to her aquatic abilities granted to her. Makes her more versatile.

2nd Espada: Nel- rivals Herribel in power. Has also achieved Segunda Etapa.

1st Espada: Barragan- Significantly stronger than in canon due to fighting Shirou every day for 1000 years. Has achieved Segunda Etapa and a greater mastery over his time manipulation abilities.

0 Espada: Coyote Gingerbuck- strongest Hollow in existence (par Shirou) able to evade Sould society for decades before the creation of Hueco Mundo. Has Segunda Etapa and immense reitsu reserves.
1/15/2023 c83 Darth Kyuubi kurama
Are you gonna ever continue this. I love this
1/13/2023 c83 SbrenSbeve
So I binged this, and this is officially one of the best fan fics I've ever read, I like how this ended but I'm kind of dissatisfied with the lack of action certain character got like Ichigo and Ishida, and honestly it took me a while to process that Aizen actually fucking died, like holy shit, this is the dude who fakes his death twice then actually died two times in Canon and still came back, I thought that he was just faking his death as usual against Yhwach but then he never came back, that actually shook me, this fic is a 9 out of 10 I'll come back for the sequel.
1/9/2023 c83 IsekaiFanBoi
This was a pretty satisfying ending tbh. I just binged it and I really enjoyed it.
1/9/2023 c83 2Gerhman Remington
This is/was so damn gooooood.
1/8/2023 c64 Gerhman Remington
I feel bad for Hat On Clogs. Man spent to much time combating Aizen and now when the one he's planning against he assumes theirs a deeper matter but its really not that deep
1/8/2023 c60 Gerhman Remington
you may have the power of God but! we have an AIZEN. That pretty much means your Fucked!
1/5/2023 c83 FanFictionman43
A round of applause from me. I picked up this story in 2018 and then dropped it until I picked it up again in 2023. Thank you for your story.
1/4/2023 c47 FanFictionman43
Brother? Interesting.
1/2/2023 c45 FanFictionman43
Amazing chapter!
12/28/2022 c83 Guest
Un hermoso final para una hermosa historia. Tengo curiosidad de si está historia seguirá, si no lo hace no me quejo puesto que el final me alcanza para imaginar algo pero si la sigues estoy seguro que no seré el único en estar encantado con la lectura. Muchas gracias por tu fantástica historia y espero que evoluciones fantásticamente en tus escritos. Que tengas buena vida
12/27/2022 c79 Guest
Un capítulo perfecto y un final apto para un gran adversario de nuestro protagonista. Un placer para la imaginación leer estos textos. Muchas gracias por la actualización y tengo ansías de leer lo siguiente
12/10/2022 c83 pwtcmcneil
very well done, thank you for this glimpse into this world.
12/5/2022 c83 2Brave2000
This story wqs freaking amazing. A true masterpiece! I hope to see the sequel eventually. Fantastic work!
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