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for The Twin Son

9/2/2018 c6 1grudgematch
Like it
5/1/2016 c6 20yukio00
Wao, niceee.. Loved it
11/21/2015 c6 son of demon
poor Fazio... angry woman is something every man fears... well, at least if it's my mom... she can be quiet scary, when proven. Can't wait for update!
11/21/2015 c6 JeremyVD
Seems that they are more alike than I thought, their personalities are very similar, I think it is funny that they both fainted after seeing each other. I looked forward to seeing everyone's reaction to the blood and DNA test they will have to run. Hopefully you will also be able to explain how they ended up being separated from each other. Good job on the story so far, I look forward to reading more.
11/19/2015 c5 Guest
Omg love it
11/17/2015 c5 k
Oh my, Maria-chan is going to be in some trouble...
11/16/2015 c5 4Kumioko
Haha I loved it :) can't wait to see what will happen next! Maria was so cute in this chap :) I really love her character :) UPDATE SOON!
11/13/2015 c4 Muito
Lidio is such a smooth talker... Even the guards were trying to learn his secrets...
11/9/2015 c4 Kumioko
It's so cute! I love it! Haha I thought it would be great if he would end up on this thankful party that Maria did with Kyoko :) is he looking like Kuon than? Hah I want him to meet the Hizuri family and Kyoko :) or if Li would meet Sho haha can't wait to see what will happen next! Update soon!
11/6/2015 c3 birdbrain
ahahahahahahahh, oh god! Lidio seems to be lady killer in early bloom, poor Maria. XD
I say that, yet I don't feel sorry at all. anyway good job!
11/5/2015 c2 blackfox
Wow. . . Lidio's mother is scarier than my grandmother in sales! And THAT, is saying something!
11/2/2015 c1 black
Hah, i agree with him. His new family sure is intresting.
11/1/2015 c1 4110301
18 years and, while I do like this and want it to be updated soon, could you FVCKING UPDATE RAISED IN SNOW OR GOD GIFT TO YOU OR SERPENTINE OR THE SOLD ACKERMAN, please.
11/1/2015 c1 JeremyVD
I think making him two years older than Maria is a good thing, that way he and Maria could get together as a couple since there is a good chance she won't end up with Kuon. Plus I look forward to Kuon's mothers' reaction when she finds out she has a twin sister probably separated at birth.

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