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4/28/2018 c15 69cmr2014
"Chicagoland Park"
Last time I was in town, we hit a place called Metal Haven. It was great.

*shrug* Who says real men don't wear pink? What makes a man is not dictated by color of clothes. Or even necessarily clothes. Though I don't think anyone will ever again see me in a kilt.

"It's only a mile walk."
It's only five miles. Just a good stretch of the legs.

"That Grant is as whole as he'll ever be."
Sometimes the guy you want by your side is the guy who can kick ass and sleep without bad memories.
4/28/2018 c14 cmr2014
"We swung it."
They made an offer that couldn't be refused.

Happily ever after is a pretty good dream.
4/28/2018 c13 cmr2014
Dr. Heller is well-known in SHIELD for his sense of humor. He's Heller-arious.

Summation - monsters are made, not born.
4/28/2018 c12 cmr2014
I don't really have the words for it. I just really liked this chapter.
4/26/2018 c11 cmr2014
"...when she's not chattering, mostly to herself..."
Hey now! I talk to my workpieces. Granted, more when things are not going well. "Sumbitchin bastard, work with me!" Also when I'm designing something. For some reason, the guys think it's hilarious to see me working shit out as I draw things in the air and mutter, "So maybe if I do this instead...yeah, let's try that."

"...reading a comic book in low tones."
*shrug* I think generally anything works if it;s just read in the right tone. One time I didn't have anything reachable except a technical manual, so I read that to my niece's kid. Worked well enough.

"Fury feared undoing that."
S'ok, Fury. They went ahead and did it themselves.

"I am not comfortable using a child as weapon..."
Worked out well enough for John Winchester. *manages to say that with a straight face*

"I feel like I'm back where I started..."
You ain't the only one, sister. But you'll stay there if you don't keep fighting.

"There's no crying in Shield..."
*Tom Hanks voice* Are you crying?! There's no crying in SHIELD!

"That one is from a German fighter plane."
Guest: So dese fokkers -
Host: Pardon me just a moment - ladies, a Fokker was a type of airplane the Germans flew in the war.
Guest: Yes ma'am, but dese fokkers were flying Messerschmitts.
Don't look at me, I just tell 'em like I hear 'em.

Excellent foreboding last line. Thanks.
4/26/2018 c10 cmr2014
God? Oh, right, Cthulu!

M'boy Hunter! Getting stabbed by him probably would feel more like getting clubbed, he's so blunt.

"It's like moving bedrock..."
Well, sure. Of course it would be hard to move an entire modern stoneage town.
4/25/2018 c9 cmr2014
"Bobbi and Fitz both flinch at someone else being referred to as Jemma's best friend."
I can see this, true.
But that's what makes this such an interesting AU, there was a fork in the road and she went one way and now we are here.
Sometimes life takes a turn and puts you where you did not expect. But you're there anyway.
4/25/2018 c8 cmr2014
Someplace else. You last longer if you just put yourself someplace else.
Granted, in the end, everybody breaks. But you *can* make yourself last longer.
1/20/2018 c7 cmr2014
"I own nothing but Abby."
I think Ward's coming for you, then; he's proven to be very protective of her.

Daisy's gotten so...intel brief-ish. Parameters, indeed.

In their defense, "un-Warded" would have been funnier if we were talking about magic stuff.

Given how hardcore Daisy's stance on Ward is in-series, her unease here is intriguing.

Dude! You've heard of de Ordaz and the volcano, right?
So like, when Cortes showed up - ok, so you've heard of burning the bridge, right? Burn the bridge behind you so there is no retreat, you either win or you die. So Cortes showed up, I think at Veracruz, he had the ships scuttled so there was no chance of retreat for his men, they had to win or die. But this also meant no resupply.
Fast-forward a bit into the war with Montezuma. Gunpowder for the artillery is almost out. Cortes sends a captain named de Ordaz to scout for a back door route into Tenochtitlan. De Ordaz winds up finding a pass on this ash-spewing volcano, Popocalpetl, that goes to the top of it, and discovers a deposit of sulfur relatively in reach in the lip of the volcano.
Now, the details are sketchy and there seem to be various versions of this. Some say it happened, some that it didn't. But there *is* a Paso de Cortes, and Cortes *did* get in and win, which seems unlikely in gunpowder wasn't replenished.
But just stop and think about this - if it's true? Think about how badass de Ordaz and his men had to be to do this. They've fought a war, up to this point a losing war. Supplies are low, they're outnumbered, the fighting has been near-constant which means likely they've been running on little sleep and maybe have been awake for several days at a time. Then they're sent out, a small unit which means lightly armed, speed and stealth are of the essence but difficult when you're exhausted. They have to climb to the top of this thing,. recorded at 17,887 feet, miles high - lack of oxygen is certainly coming into play, not to mention the higher you go the closer you get to volcanic fumes. Exhaustion, hypoxia, noxious gases - I'm sorry, only a will of iron is going to get anyone through all that. But they manage it - I'm fairly sure not everyone survived those odds, but enough did that they got to the top and FRICKING LOWERED MEN INTO A VOLCANO TO MINE SULFUR!
Badassery of the highest caliber. And I tend to err toward it being true, because most of the deniers do so on the basis of how incredible it is, but is it really more incredible than 300 Spartans and allies holding off the far numerically superior invading Persians for several days at Thermopylae? Is it really more incredible than the Soviets holding back the Nazis and basically keeping going a second front that kept Nazi forces divided for the years needed for the Allies to get to the beginning of the end? More incredible than six soldiers DEFEATING an ambush with a fricking bayonet charge?

Hunter can eat Lucky Charms and still look like that? Damn your hide, Hunter! Color me jealous.

*purses in thought* I don't reckon maybe the kid delivered herself?
Nah. Too far-fetched.

Hmm. The hand of a third party is at work. I think. Maybe Jemma?: But surely she'd be with the kid. Malick, somehow?
You have me dancing to your tune. Let us see where the song goes.

Well, google is not always as right as people think.
1/20/2018 c6 cmr2014
"...he had, after all, read the books."
This makes me somewhat sad. Even I have gotten information on babies via people I knew who had kids. It makes me wonder what other facts of life he is missing.
Sometimes the darker takes on Ward make him feel to me like - like maybe not a full-blown one, but somewhere high on the psychopathic spectrum.
Like the line about not being worried about connecting with the baby because spies have to connect with people so of course he could connect with the baby. THat.s 1. so clinical it's mildly worrisome, and 2. also mildly worrisome because spies more feign connection than actually have real human connection. Though it could be argued they have a compartmentalized connection that is a connection but not a full connection. "I like him, but that won't stop me from putting him down in a heartbeat." Either way, that's not something I would want someone to have with a baby.
I do think you're doing a very good job of portraying a complex, damaged Ward who simply rolls with what he has been made into. Unfortunately, this version of Ward in real life is someone I would feel the need to cut in half about five seconds in. As someone I was conversing with said of Ledger's Joker - "He's one of those people, you just look in his eyes and know he needs killin'."

"Are you just going to sleep that way?"
Not forever. You can be reasonably certain she's safe when she's, what, 35?
Dads can be like that. "She'll be allowed to date after I'm dead."
I suddenly just pictured a future conversation between father and daughter - "Ok, maybe I was a little overprotective." "You executed my first boyfriend!"

I am loving the bodyguards. THey feel like Minions to me.

The Great British Off?
It sounds to me like a show that as soon as it comes on, you race to see who turns it off first. I like!

Hooray for someone who can spell "reconnaissance" properly!

They're going to wind up a supervillain couple, I just know it. It'll be like the villain version of "Undercover Blues"!
1/19/2018 c5 cmr2014
How his mind works here is very interesting.

"But today they aren't talking about Shield."
For obvious reasons. Ambrose is out with an injury, Jordan's mucking up the works with his loose mouth, and most importantly - DEVITT (SORRY, BALOR) IS BACK WITH GUNS'N'GALLOWS!

"...separate entity..."
I'm picturing a little Hive baby, all Cthulu-looking.

See, this is why I don't go to shrinks.

Babies *are* selfish. All they know is what they need in the immediate moment, and they can't get it for themselves. It's not like other animals that are born and walking within minutes.

"We're not naming her after the Greek goddess of war..."
Ares, then.
1/19/2018 c4 cmr2014
I will not be gentle in my critique. *readies heavy artillery*

I really like the thoughts, the reflecting on "She" and how Ward feels like safety and his snoring and the normalcy of it all.

I dunno, it sounds more like she's got a hypothesis to me. There'd be a ton of research needed to confirm that terragen could do any such things. Ward's got a pretty good point, not just in that it kills some people, but that it's in itself already something artificial, something that's been developed and designed for a specific activity. That it's never shown any alteration beyond that in all the time since makes it highly unlikely that it could be adjusted easily, if at all.

"Maybe Grant's as twisted as they all say..."
Or maybe not. It's pretty normal to latch onto humor as a way to try to lessen the emotional gravity of a discussion/argument/confrontation, to make it easier to deal with.
1/19/2018 c3 cmr2014
"He'd take the mile eventually."
You give people an inch, and they think they're a ruler.

"You don't fuck people you don't love."

"Wanna eat Chinese and watch House M.D.?"
"Just hold me?"
So maybe some Netflix and chill?

Very intriguing. Not just the revelation, but I can't tell if she's ok with Ward being Hydra. Being with him a hundred percent puts her in direct opposition to SHIELD and what I assume her ideals still are.
1/18/2018 c2 cmr2014
"...like some emotionally-stunted prostitute?"
I argue most people in 21st-century society are emotionally stunted, too prone to acting on impulse. Hesitation may kill, deliberate restraint can keep you from a mess of trouble.

And here we come to find out it's not just emotional impulse, but emotional confusion, not really knowing what you're feeling or how to process it, just being caught in the turmoil of it.
1/18/2018 c1 cmr2014
Soap opera central! The drama is dialed to 11 in this opener.
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