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6/2 c8 17MoonLightSkies16
Did I silently curse when I remembered that Stoick dies and they’ll have to watch that? Yes, I did.
2/15 c12 DeltaWolf2038
it would have been crazy if the last thing they saw was a trailer for httyd 3. that would have been great
10/3/2022 c7 Idtswwf82
I actually was mad at the writers for giving astrid a “dumb blonde” moment. She is smart and a great strategist. Her giving away the “best kept secret” so easily just for the sake of intimidation felt REALLY out of character. I would have expected snotlout or the twins to make such a dumb mistake… but astrid? Nah.. it was pretty clear that Drago wouldn’t be that easily intimidated. And I feel like especially SHE would have known it. I understand it was with the best intentions.. but imo it still wasn’t sth that astrid would have done.
8/4/2021 c9 Kmrg2005
congrats. you made me cry. thanks.
5/1/2021 c12 peverall
One of the good ones of "watching the movie" fic, There no annoying self insert and the emotion and thought were fleshed out quite fantastically. For whole length I never felt the reading monotonous like in most such fics where all Vikings do is laugh ,snigger and ridicule Hiccup. Kudos to you, it was a fanatastic work.
10/13/2020 c12 Items3Sacred
is it Loki?
5/18/2020 c2 Captain
A dam right place for a good story matey! I have seen the Percy Jacksons have multiple fanfictions about their reactions from reading the books. I'd this was a genuine unique idea. (Mostly cus your the forst i have seen so far.)
5/6/2020 c12 Vognar-The Legendkeep
I quite enjoyed the more hands off approach in your story compared to others with a omniscient or a possible self-insert within the (Watch the Movie) Category, letting the characters "think" for themselves as well as the many funny reactions to be had. quite enjoyable indeed.
I couldn't keep a smile off my face when reading it. :)
1/4/2020 c13 Un83ata813
Write a fanfic for "The Hidden World."
12/30/2019 c12 3Stars to Ami
Ohmigosh, can you do one for Httyd the hidden world?
12/25/2019 c12 Just passing by
This was a wonderful take on "watch the series" fanfics, where they didnt get to see the original and were left to figure things out on their own.

I also liked how everyone was taking in the movie and having difficulty at first, before they slowly came to care for the dragons and each other.

This was a great read.
12/15/2019 c6 ThermiteHawk
This is the best watching the movie fanfic that I have ever read. Most of them don’t have enough detail to the story and to me that just feels monotonous and boring but this story has so much detail that you can really get a sense of ever character’s perspective. If you would, I would love for you to write a story that is about what hero would do if they had seen the second movie and remembered after they returned. Timeline wise pre HTTYD1
11/10/2019 c12 Bibliophile1303
I really loved this! Will you be posting the sequel right on this work or will it be separate? If it’s separate, could you make an announcement on here when the first chapter is up? I definitely want to read the sequel!
11/9/2019 c12 6Mad Library Scientist
God, I was hoping for a sequel! Are you doing the original, Hidden World, or some sort of story where the characters go into HTTD 1 with the knowledge they’ve gained here?

Personally, I’m hoping you do a watching Hidden World, of only for the reactions everyone (Stoick’s in particular) will have with Snotlout hitting on Valka.
11/9/2019 c12 1buterflypuss
good chap/story
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