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for The Justice of a Tech-Priest

7/18 c19 VoidDragon
Dude (or dudette), that story was fantastic! And it ended so dramatically too! Really well done, good job, seriously. I'd even go so far as to say that "The Justice of a Tech-Priest" was even better than "Death Korps of Justice"; your characters had depth, they were flawed and you were loyal to those flaws, to their struggles, to their context, and to their goals. They felt real in ways few fan fiction authors manage, something only an author that respects their work as if it were alive does. I could tell in the way the grim darkness of WH40K left a scar in the earth of the DC universe that you didn't only do it for the characters, but for the themes and tones of the original settings too.

The story wasn't without its questionable details but, honestly, they were both too small and too few to detract from the experience. Might want to watch out regarding giving the Light the idiot ball for example, beyond their typical supervillain idiocy I mean. Of course, that only matters if you ever plan on continuing it. As it is I believe it had quite the ending.

It was trully a pleasure reading your story, thank you for sharing it.
7/18 c5 Guest
Personally, I find Cardsharp refreshing compared to literally EVERY other crossover with Warhammer 40k I've seen so far
7/19 c19 Something1245
Realy good story and writing! Would love to see you Continue it.
7/9 c19 Guest
Hey this is an awesome story! There's not a single one like it out there so I rly hope you consider continuing it! :)
7/6 c19 Guest
4/24 c19 Warig
It's the 4th time I have read this story. It is extremely good! I just love the world building and the slow expansion. Also, the mechanicus is such an interesting organisation and there are not alot of original stories about it. Most fanfiction is about space marines or chaos.
Thank you for this story and I wish you the best for future projects.
4/9 c1 HuddleGuddle
Amazing! Just absolutely stunning! I don’t understand how someone could produce such a masterpiece! If you haven’t read it then for the love of god do because this novel is one of a kind. I was concerned about reading it considering the author has probably given up on it as it has been over a year since a chapter was released but I am so glad I read it anyway. It is excruciatingly frustrating that I won’t be able to see what happens next but it is nevertheless a true work of art and I could not recommend it more.
4/1 c19 kingbean777205
an incredibly well-done story good sir, I hope this continues and more mechanicus units appear, such as Skorpius Dunerider and the Onager Dunecrawler, as for skitarii perhaps infiltrators could be next or Pteraxii, anyway keep up the good work lad
3/22 c19 3John Bones
Well, sh*t is starting to go sideways. Cardsharp's rebuilding the Cult Mechanics, Klarion's about to have an aneurysm, Brain's looking to have a long talk with Cardsharp and oh yeah The ELDAR PSYCHO CLOWN GOD IS INVOLVED!

This is gonna be fun.
3/21 c14 John Bones
The worst part is, when compared to Kreig or Dante, Cardsharp is still the nicest of the three.
3/6 c7 Wwolko
Now that I’m thinking about it slaanesh should not exist yet as slaanesh was not born until the early 30th millennium
2/27 c19 Guest
Well I binged the whole thing in a night. What a wild ride. Thank you BadPanda!
2/7 c19 1shadyxlr
Huh I did not see that coming at the end lol. I hope for another chapter one day.
2/6 c18 dragon20042004x
Very cool
1/25 c19 5Kknd2
Oh dear... Cegorach would find it painfully funny to appear that way, I'll admit to that.

But this? This is gonna cause problems, lots of problems.

Yet I look forward to reading about them, so you have done your job well Author!
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