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for The Justice of a Tech-Priest

9/27/2020 c18 StoneTheLoner
I read through this so quickly it genuinely doesn't feel like I just finished 100k story lol. Thanks for the story. I'm looking forward to seeing you update again soon :)
9/27/2020 c13 StoneTheLoner
This is exactly what I was hoping for!
9/27/2020 c11 StoneTheLoner
I hope these people get a significant amount of screen time. Personally it's the most interesting thing the story's doing right now. I really want to follow whatever their story becomes.
9/27/2020 c10 StoneTheLoner
I like where everythings going.
9/27/2020 c3 StoneTheLoner
I'm feeling annoyed for him. He better get all his stuff back or I'm not sure I'll be down to watch him have anything resembling a decent relationship with the heroes. It would be like following a happily neutered mc. It wouldn't sit well with me.
9/22/2020 c18 Hitmen101
WOOT! I’m extremely excited and definitely looking forward to seeing more! :D :)
Thank You For The Chapter! :D :)
9/14/2020 c18 Guest
Me encanta me fascina como escribes uwu . Esperaré con ansias el próximo capítulo .
9/15/2020 c18 DarkSolaris57
I love this story. Cardsharpe should not doubt himself so much. The Omnissah has chosen him to represent the cult mechanicus in the DC universe. Yes, things with have to change a bit, but it will get back to normal eventually. Its only a matter of time before the foul xenos of mars provoke and galvanize the human race. Zatanna will help propel cardsharpe to fame by releasing chaos and having cardsharpes methods being the only solutions that work. An AI created by a villain or hero will end modern society not under the wing of the adeptus mechanicus. if the Justice league intervene to stop and imprison him it will only end up causing mass suffering until the faithful call for cardsharpes pardon and release. The birth of the imperium of mankind is inevitable. At least thats how i see this story going.
9/12/2020 c18 2Vilkath
Well this is already the longest 40k fic centered around the priest of mars I have ever seen but I can't help but hope it goes longer. It's been a few months since the last update and I can only hope the various real world events interrupted your writing. I do hope you are fine however and manage to get back into this story.

I know many fan fiction authors struggle to pick up a story after such a long hiatus but I am hopeful.
9/12/2020 c14 Vilkath
Honestly I wouldn't even consider this to be the darker side of the Adeptus lol... Sure recycling humans into parts is bad but on the bright side most of their subjects are criminals, cowards or the like. No the truly dark side is the corruption at the top and just what each faction within Mars will do to get ahead of another craft world or their superiors.
9/12/2020 c13 Vilkath
Sad as it is to think about Batman and his inability to kill the joker you also have to put some shame on the justice system that is a revolving door to criminals in the DC world. The fact no one ever could hold the Joker or step up and get him the death penalty despite breaking just about every law there is to break is a wider problem.

It used to be a funny joke... and then it happened in real life with the recent Riots. Seeing so many people who commit arson, assault and more walk out because the DA won't prosecute is sickening.
9/12/2020 c11 Vilkath
Yeah you gotta realize DC is probably not a happy world if you consider all the biggest companies are merely fronts for Hero's or villains like Lex Luthor, Batman, Green Arrow etc. Pretty much every major company that basically rules the world is funneling it's profits to off the books projects.
9/11/2020 c1 Vilkath
As you say no great expert on 40k lore but I have read probably close to 30 or so the novels, played the game for a few years and so on. My only nit pick of this chapter is the Tallarns (sp?) being used. From what I understand from a few Ciphias Cain novels is they are an extremely religious bunch. While there is always differences across the imeprium from one regiment to another it is a bit odd how vulgar and Free speaking they were portrayed here.

Like I said though just a nit pick and honestly could of been easily fixed if just picked a home world nobody uses or made one up. Overall great start and I look forward to the future chapters I already see up. So few 40k xover stories in general, and specifically ones around the priest of mars. I am glad this one has been continued pretty far so far, most die out in a chapter or two.
9/3/2020 c18 Rexxar454
Another awesome update, and although this review is a few months late, I eagerly await the next!
8/25/2020 c1 sgtitanwolf
I'm A massive fan of 40k and an Admech collector/player who loves to delve into the lore and such. This fic is awesomely true to the Admech vibe and I absolutely love it
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