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for The Justice of a Tech-Priest

5/12 c19 Random Anon
You know what's funny if Bruce does return but as a Batman Who Laughs Expy with Cegorach as a demented Jiminy Cricket
4/27 c16 Archmagos jim
When is the next chapter
4/15 c19 Guest
Glory to the Omnissiah. This is a good read. Can't wait for more!
4/16 c19 carbon1923
As they say, it is the darkest just before the dawn. I really hope to see Bruce and the JL as a whole begin to pull themselves back together soon. See them become the heroes they say they are.
4/10 c19 9Goodpie2
*Finally.* I cannot tell you how long I've looked for a decent story about Imperials (or Chaos cultists, fkr that matter) setting up shop and beginning to make waves in a non-Imperial society. *Thank* you.
3/31 c13 The Kromann
I guess ya boi got fucked over by a ford pinto lol
3/30 c2 Bruh.io82
I think he's dead.
Ave Imperium!
3/28 c19 sbnif
why does the update so long?

The omnimessiah WOUld disaprove of this heresy.

3/28 c19 Guest
I honestly love this. The Light wanting to try and talk to the TechPriest, then promptly try to kill him, which is a bad idea, clearly, Sportsmaster would make a great Skitarii, either a Rustwalker or Infiltrator. As for Bruce, I can hear the song, Prime Clown, intensifying, the honk god cometh

Cant wait for the next update, this is a masterpiece.
3/28 c7 whagggghhh
someone made a nice reference to the call of chtullu
3/26 c19 webzayne717
Damn, this was heretically good.
3/22 c19 1Earthling173
As upset as I am over the quick dismantling of the Justice League, I love Adeptus Mechanicus and can't stop reading this! I'm very excited to see what comes next, especially as an Admech Inquisitor from Warhammer Inquisitor at heart!
3/20 c19 Hopefulpuma
Continue this
3/20 c1 Archmagos jim
I pray for the canticles of updating in the name of the immortal omnissiah we prize for the sacred stc machine god shelter us
3/18 c1 Bruh.io82
Please PLEASE update!
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