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for The Justice of a Tech-Priest

3/18 c19 3MidKnightMoonglow99
Probably one of the only Warhammer stories I’ve actually both read and thoroughly enjoy. Can’t wait to see where exactly this tales heading.

Till then.
3/13 c19 Bruh.io82
Me: Please continue this
Blood Raven: Yes, please! I am eager to see the servant of the Machine-God do more miracles! Praise the Omnissiah!
Trazyn: Hmmm...this will be fun.
3/12 c19 Invadingcat478
I love the cops
3/8 c19 Archmagos jim
I just realized that the secretary general is trying to not make an imperium of man and is now aware of tech priest who is blocking video transmissions to protect mechanicus secrets and he is growing in influence and the justice league is probably going to check on him to make sure nothing happens since he is now in the spotlight
3/5 c1 Guest
Annoying AF writing. Hope it gets better since i really like the story.
3/6 c19 3trollzor69
So Batman Who Laughs?
3/5 c19 4Mend1cant Bias
Don’t listen to OvrLrd71, he/she sounds like an ass that doesn’t know shit. It’s your story, don’t let clowns like this person ruin your flow.
3/4 c12 Indra Senin
You do know that the joker releases joker toxin when he dies right? Thats how the batman who laughs was made
3/4 c3 0vrLrd71
Sigh... yeah that's the third story someone gets that chaos thing and turns out like this... though why did it have to be BC? Ugh, whatever you could have chosen someone more... darker but what's done is done
3/4 c2 0vrLrd71
honestly, it sucks she has that chaos artefact
you're definitely going to make it a plot point right? either her or that other Heretic will hunt her down and use the artefact to open a warp gate or whatever( maybe summon a dark god?
2/2 c19 4Thrans
Send in the clowns!

A tresure to see an update as always, even if I spotted it a bit late.
1/31 c19 Guest
When is the next chapter going to be made
1/29 c19 1Mastermind4892
You must have a real ax to grind with the justice system, given determined you seem to put paragons of it, the Justice League, through the meat grinder when they have done nothing wrong. This story has never missed an opportunity to slap down the Justice League's effectiveness and ideals.

This story is certainly accurate in one aspect: In any other universe, those from the Imperium would be the villains.
1/24 c19 Guest
Please do not let this Batman become Batkek(The Batman Who Laughs)
1/24 c19 Ruari MaccyD
oh... oh hell. The walls are weakening
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