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for The Justice of a Tech-Priest

1/22 c1 Khorn flakes
I have a theory of what gonna happen next the light tries to make a move with sportmaster he is caught and using the power of the machine God cardsharp then wages a cyber war on the light and other villains soon try to get this tech but also another thing if a foreigner is converted does he spread the religion to his country or what
1/23 c19 Yohnos
I love this fic!
If you ever plan to do one on a Blood Angel please let me know (there is not enough fic on space marines and they are my favorite corps.)
1/21 c19 Archmagos jim
Oh and one last thing cardsharp is literally destroying the darknet since Luthor stated that crime rings are basically being turned to ash and the classified shell is probably making kastelan robots onager dunecrawlers and maybe ironstriders
1/21 c13 Guest
Oh and just remembered john irons is having visions and is making schematics for adeptus mechanicus tech so will the other kids do that too and I bet klarion is gonna have a heart attack when he finds out about it also does that mean Michigan manuals will become logi, generators, and other things and that the 40k universe connecting with the DC universe has created the omnissiah will it appear to its worshippers or what and poison ivy reaction to the filus detroitus is gonna be nice
1/20 c19 Archmagos jim
I wonder what happens when the justice league and Martian spies find out about tech priest army and his newfound flock since after all they want to watch cardsharp and the light want his tech also batman has a piece of the eldar laughing god in his head I believe we are going to have a colourful next couple of chapters
1/20 c19 Guest
Hoo boy, looks like the Eldar gods also have influence in the universe.
1/18 c19 Guest
Thanks for the chapter!
1/16 c5 DanteSparda12
Batman (Post-Crisis)
Intelligence: Extraordinary Genius. The officially second most intelligent person on the planet after Lex Luthor. Proven to know at least 127 different martial arts styles, and has merged them together in order to create new styles. He is also considered one of the greatest martial artists in existence and claims that he has read every book in the world in order to prepare for any eventuality.

Weaknesses: Normal human weaknesses but has survived situations which would kill an average human, refuses to kill.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Batarangs: Boomerangs shaped like his symbol, he can use these to knock guns out of enemies' hands and KO them. There are also varieties, such as exploding batarangs, tracking batarangs, electrocuting batarangs, freezing batarangs, etc.
Stealth: Batman is an absolute master of stealth, being capable of disappearing and staying hidden, even from beings with senses as strong as Superman. Batman is also a master of disguise, being capable of disguising himself as people of different races and ages. Batman is known for his ability to be completely unnoticed and unseen through these methods.
Senses: Batman has honed his senses to perfection, allowing him to achieve analysis most others cannot. This includes smelling chemical changes and pheromones in order to smell his foe’s emotion, hearing normally unnoticed sounds in Gotham, and seeing things far too far away for a normal eye to see.
Preparation: Batman is a master of using resources and time in order to prepare himself for any objective. While Batman is a nearly unrivaled scientific genius, the real danger comes from his ability to predict situations that may arise and plan for nearly any future conflict. Even before a situation shows the possibility of occurring, Batman has likely already planned for it. For example, Batman has planned methods to kill every one of his allies individually should the need arise, prepared a extra mind just in case he needed it, and observed the majority of what can be considered human culture, from song references to obscure shows, in order to be ready for any threat, among many other things.
1/16 c4 DanteSparda12
The Emperor of Mankind
Intelligence: Supergenius (A brilliant scientist unmatched in the fields of biology, chemistry, engineering and more, having created numerous technologies which to this day, millennia later are still staples of the Imperial war machine, such as the Bolter. Created and refined the process of producing Thunder Warriors and Custodes, the later of which are posthuman demigods uniquely perfect in form and function. Later served as project leader on the creation of the Primarchs, and subsequently their mass produced Legions. Personally commanded a massive military campaign stretching across the entire galaxy for nearly two centuries, conquering over a million worlds into his empire. Developed the Webway project, an initiative which would make mankind free from Chaos by permanently severing their reliance on the Warp. Built both the Golden Throne and the Astronomican. An extremely capable and supremely charismatic diplomat who could bring entire worlds to surrender without a single shot being fired. Overall, like the smartest single being the human race had ever produced, with his genius only being replicated in parts by the most intelligent of the Imperium. The intelligence, personalities and specialties of all his Primarchs are likely just his own psyche divided)

Weaknesses: The Emperor will not use his full power outright when forced to face his close friends or "sons" unless absolutely necessary (although given the retcons to this made by the Horus Heresy series, this weakness is dubious at best), the Golden Throne has begun to fail and it will be a matter of time before the Emperor's mortal coil properly ceases to be if there is no solution. If that happens, the results are completely unknown The number of believers mat affect his power
1/16 c3 DanteSparda12
The Batman Who Laughs
Intelligence: Extraordinary Genius. As the Batman of Earth -22, The Batman Who Laughs' intellect is only matched by his fiendish cunning and pragmatic ruthlessness. Now completely unhinged and free of any moral fiber to dictate his choices, he was able to single-handedly wage war on the entire world, wiping out the entire Justice League with ease and even killing cosmic entities like The Spectre in his rampage. As the most trusted lieutenant of Barbatos, he is privy to all of the evil god's plans, successfully playing the Justice League of Earth-0 for fools and causing them to do everything he needed to fulfill his goal of destroying the multiverse until they obtained the Tenth Metal. Aside from his terrifying intellect and stratagem, he retains his status as one of the finest hand-to-hand combatants on Earth, overwhelming his Prime Earth counterpart until the latter received help from his own version of the Joker. While he is absolutely insane, it doesn't hinder his monumental intellect in virtually any way. Nigh-Omniscient. The Batman Who Laughs perceives time in a non-linear fashion. This means that he sees the past, present, and the future simultaneously. His powers allow him to view everything throughout time as well as the workings of the multiverse. The Batman Who Laughs is also aware of every Batman from the Dark Multiverse, and was able to pull aspects of the most terrifying and vicious of them, including their skills and experiences, and stitch them into his own mind.

Weaknesses: Due to Earth -22's citizens vibrating at an opposite cosmic frequency to Nth Metal, his body is badly damaged upon contact with it. None notable
1/16 c2 DanteSparda12
Batman (Post-Flashpoint)
Intelligence: Extraordinary Genius. Batman is one of the smartest beings in the DC Universe and is the second smartest human alive, only behind Lex Luthor. Batman is a master of a wide variety of fields of science, ranging from engineering, biology, physics, chemistry, and computer science, as demonstrated when he designed the Hall of Justice, which can transform into a mobile flying fortress, built an absolute zero prison, quickly came up with a serum that protected him and Selina from Poison Ivy's planetary pheromones, shut down a high tech network with a device no more advanced than an ordinary cell phone, reverse-engineered Green Lantern communication and translation, hacked Apokolyptian computers and alien computers using unknown languages, developed a fully sapient Alfred AI, and a machine that grows perfect clones of himself complete with memories, experiences, training, and intelligence. He has built many different Batsuits that are highly versatile, with some of them even capable of singlehandedly fighting off the entire Justice League. Batman has also invented a wide variety of equipment, such as temporal grenades that affect time, a 10'th Metal bullet containing a miniature omniversal wormhole capable of transporting objects outside the Source Wall, and the Son Box, a device capable of reading the hearts of people, as well as building the Final Batsuit around it. Repeatedly creates perfect counters and contingincies which he flawlessly incorporates into his equipment and suits. The World Forger considers Batman one of the greatest strategic minds in existence. Is the greatest Detective and is one of the most skilled martial artists in history, with very few individuals being able to match him in a fight, and despite being powerless and alone, easily outwitted and defeated AMAZO by teleporting him away. Nigh-Omniscient. With the Mobius Chair, Batman knows everything except who the Anti-Monitor is.

Weaknesses: Normal human weaknesses, refuses to kill unless absolutely necessary and is reluctant to use firearms due to childhood trauma
1/13 c19 3The Mexican Taco Overlord
I remember reading this back in 2016, and a couple weeks back I remembered this existed but couldn't remember the name, and surprise surprise you updated! This is a great fic, and it's great to have you back!
1/13 c18 Deal With Itt
I'm really enjoying the story but I don't get why he has to give away his own chips and not just make more. Seems like he's weakening himself.
1/11 c19 AgustinExplorer
Please continue the fanfic is very good and I am excited to know what will happen next This story is very good and I wanted to thank you for creating it Excellent job
1/10 c8 Guest
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