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11/8/2015 c1 killblade373
Dude you are a true writing God in my book although it feels sort of too quick with the sex with giants but still overall good would love to know how Simon got naruko to agree/go with the three some
11/7/2015 c1 SCP -788 Entity
10/10 no arguments
11/3/2015 c2 idea.getthe
... a crack fanfic with overpower character... yep...
unfortunately, i have to say this... this story will not survive long. there are already so many gamer naruto story it is easy to see where is this going.
many reader will avoid any gamer crossover as generally, like yours story, it has OP main character that get so OP it run out of opponent and story it just left abandon...
im not trying to flame you but if you didnt plan this carefully, this story will fail.
some naruto gamer story survive for long due to limiting the main character power to create a challenge to the main character in the story but you just... bypass that...
and tone down all the rude word... a little will make the story interesting but too much will make the reader feel... not fun reading it.
hope you consider what i have said
11/3/2015 c1 5AeonMors
You got great ideas buddy, maybe you should make a fem sasuke and have your OC punish her for being emo? Or make hom a sidekick I'm fine either way.
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