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for BlackWykkyd

7/26/2017 c2 Guest
I wasn't wrong. Excellent lemon, very hot and well-balanced.
7/26/2017 c1 Guest
This was brilliant. A perfect high school AU, and a perfect build-up to what I don't doubt will be a very nice lemon. I love Elliot's shy attitude. Also, I agree with Blackfire, mutes are HOT.
12/2/2015 c2 AsterXTreck
OMG! That was so sweet, funny, hot! Having an open mind not with the DC and titans implications here I loved the whole tough hot popular act with Koma and a mute nobody named Elliot. Usually it's always the hot popular guy hitting on a shy nobody. So this was fun and fresh. It was like reading a novel with the flashbacks. You did a good job merging the beginning and ending. Overall great story, idea, and writing skills!
11/23/2015 c2 Reaper1173
DANM that was well done well done, well done for a "first Lemon" that was just "wow". You sure you haven't written a lemon before. This was great good luck with future stories! ;)
11/22/2015 c1 12The Psyche of Azarath
Well, I don't normally read lemons, so I don't know how to rate this. I liked it though, even though I'm unfamiliar with the pairing. I REALLY hope they get caught in the most mortifying way possible.
11/4/2015 c1 Reaper1173
love it cant wait for the chaos of getting caught! HA!

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