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for High School DxD: The Mechanical Devil

7/5/2017 c3 Guest
I have some ideas for the other pieces

Kirito (from Sword Art Online) or Ruby (from RWBY) (knight)

Edward (from Fullmetal Alchemist) (bishop)

Kuroka (from highschool DxD) or Natsu(from Fairy tail) (bishop)

Gear (from aoi sekai no chūshin) or Yang(from RWBY) (rook)

Makoto (from Blazblue) (rook)

Ahri (from League of legends) (queen)

What'd ya think?
5/24/2016 c3 ARSLOTHES
Really good fic, hope it updates soon
5/11/2016 c3 16FluffySheepLion
I love it.
1/24/2016 c3 Guest
Please update
1/15/2016 c3 Yano
Nice job,focus on tis sotry more,please
1/15/2016 c3 Lightwave
How about having a female Grimm Reaper in his harem too.

Also, what about a younger sister OC of someone from the Old Maou Faction that has a change of heart and switches sides to the Alliance.
1/14/2016 c3 Neonlight01
Man o Man. Freed sure got his ass handed to him. Frankly Raynare's entire group got their asses handed to them.

Also, how about adding a female Fallen Angel, a female Valkyrie, a female Vampire, and a female Dragon. Well, maybe make it a humanoid.

Also, what about a female demi god or a female descendant of a famous hero that is not in league with the Khaos Brigade's Hero Faction.
1/11/2016 c3 guest
add a fallen angel, a vampire, an oc from norse mythology and maybe a humanoid dragon
1/10/2016 c1 The grim heaper
You actually worked Pi-face from TWEWY into high school dxd. Well played.
1/10/2016 c3 Ran
Oh! And the Valkyre faction.
1/10/2016 c3 Ran
Cool. 1 of the fallen angel faction,Vampire Faction.
1/12/2016 c1 Zentari2238
Spelling, first two sentences in and you are already floundering.
1/11/2016 c3 Bobthebobberof69
Hey just like Naruto after part 2.
1/11/2016 c3 4the lone soul
Well you got me there I was very happy that you brought unique charas in and not well, those obvious choices, other then that, would be looking forward to the red blood sword to appear, you know the sword from Hyde. Or some other Under Night charas, would be nice some Blazblue charas also. but i gues i suprise myself )
1/11/2016 c3 4Mythfan
Good story, so far.
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