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7/11/2021 c2 betmen123
jeesuss! one of those edge lord all black wearing Naruto
7/7/2021 c2 Amun565
sex paths?
7/7/2021 c1 Amun565
Seems interesting, but the grammar is terrible.
12/10/2020 c16 deathwearsblack
great chapters. please update.
10/1/2020 c16 k. jeanette
awesome story can't wait for you too add more hhmmm i have an idea here me out what if you could some how make obito and madara when he revives himself to go good to defeat kaguya together oh and to bring back izuna with a revival justu that you can make up or that its some type of seal he made.
11/19/2018 c1 5Shiro Iceheart
Great idea but needs a facelift in terms of writing I'll beta for you no charge :)
4/27/2016 c16 Blaze1992
Okay I gonna have to be blunt about this so sorry in advance. First This sounded awesome as a idea but with the way you currently wrote it, feels more like a one-shot instead of a actual story. Second I don't like how your SI blabs about his real origin and bluntly showing all his moves this early in the plot when much easier and less flashy jutsu could've been used. 3rd The lack of character interaction and buildup. You don't show how your SI made the friendships he did, so far from lack of what was written it looks like no pairing for your SI. 4th The misspelling of words and the names of Jutsu's in your fic, you might want to reread your own fic for spelling error's I have counted at least 8. 5th For a fic that has been up for nearly a year but with so little to show for it, leaves me majorly disappointed. All in all sorry to say this gets a okay 5 out of 10.
2/2/2016 c16 2blood enraged
you need to work a bit on your spelling, i mean its not imperative, just a mild annoyance.

otherwise this is good as far as SI's go, hope to see more soon
1/26/2016 c15 3zeldawolffang
i would love it if chapters were 1000 words or longer that would make this story alot better
12/15/2015 c14 zeldawolffang
i would love it if you made chapters longer :P
12/6/2015 c2 namvrando
My god, this is so cliche. Plus it needs grammatical fixes.
12/4/2015 c13 Guest
love it
12/5/2015 c13 GoGo44
Oh Man I Hope You Update Soon Ps Bye Bye Danzo :D
12/4/2015 c13 Kuwu
This is a cool story.
12/4/2015 c5 5plums
You don't have any intention of truly changing anything, do you? Standard canon milestones, Same teams, same missions.

Just badass Naruto making snarky comments instead of being dumb as a box of rocks. I'll be honest and say that really isn't going to hold a readers interest.
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